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Aug 6, 2007 01:29 AM

LOS DADOS in the meatpacking

i saw the signage up for this place yesterday, but its not ready yet. i was hoping for some new blood, but it looks like its going to be a mp version of SUENOS.

anyone have any more info?

from the james beard website:

"The former Meet space in the Meatpacking District will be transformed into Los Dados, a Mexican restaurant and taqueria to be overseen by chef Sue Torres of SueƱos in Chelsea."

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  1. This place is absolutely disgusting and the service is terrible! It took FOREVER for us to get anything - guacamole, more chips, our orders taken, food to be served. And then the food was horrible, not to mention expensive. The guac was watery and the worst "fresh guac" I have ever had and the rest of the blood was bland and nasty. It's such a shame to have such a terrible restaurant experience in a city with so many fantastic options. Please do not waste your time.

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    1. re: nyc3

      This review seems really harsh - was it really that bad? Anyone else try Los Dados? They have a takeout only taqueria which I want to try, since I live close by. I love Mexican, and they have organic food on the menu, which is a double bonus in my book. Please, someone else, give me some positive feedback!!!

      1. re: Cookiepuss

        I've been to Los Dados twice and I think nyc3's review is an exaggeration. Yes, as the Daily News observed last week, there are some "misses" on the menu, but there are plenty of hits as well. Sue Torres is a talented chef and I think she may just be struggling to distinguish Dados from Suenos, her first restaurant. I will say that on both of my visits the service was curiously inattentive and the attitude at the front door unnecessary, but these problems can be fixed. In the end--or hopefully in a month or so--this place will be very good.

    2. Went there w/ some out-of-country friends the other night, very much enjoyed our meal. Very good margaritas, two house, two flavored. Guac was solid, salsas, very nice, the mini taco shredded beef appetizers were fantastic. I would get the taco main dish next time. The chicken enchilada was not exciting, but perhaps a tough follow up to the great taco. The pork tamale was excellent, and hanger steak very nicely spiced. respectively. I plan on another visit. Liked the space. I was incredibly impressed with how helpful the staff was with our foreign friends who had language challenges AND were late, AND who asked for a special dietary accomodation on a main course. All these events were handled with complete grace and the best attitude I've encountered in a very, very long time.