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Aug 5, 2007 11:15 PM

agriturismo in sicily

my family and i will be spending 2 weeks in sicily in september. can anyone recommend a good agriturismo spot? maybe somewhere with goats and cheese?

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  1. Your timing is impeccable. Yesterday, the WASHINGTON POST had an article titled, "Sicily: Agriturismo brings Visitors Down to the Farm" in its Sunday magazine. The specific farm where the author stayed, Villa Raino, appears not to offer goats and cheese-making. However, the article specifically refers to cheesemaking as the Villa's prorprietor's favorite recommendation for visitors so there must be nearby places. Here's the link:

    Incidentally, the dinner and breakfast served at the Villa Raino come in for high praise in the article. And just to keep the food theme going, there is an abbey turned cooking school in the nearby town of Gangi.

    A sidebar article titled, "Details: Sicily Agriturismo" gives practical advice and includes lots of links to web sites on agriturismo in Sicily and throughout Italy. Here's that link:

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      the op on this post went to gangivecchio and didn't seem all that impressed.

      I suggest the italian touring club book as a fairly reliable source in Sicily. I've only used it for shops/restaurants/hotels and whilst I don't see completely eye-to-eye with the authors it has generally been reliable. I think (been a while since I looked) that it has agriturismo's listed.

      1. re: ali patts

        Start with

        It's in Italian, well-built and illustrated, with links to individual agriturismo sites that are often also in English.

      1. The article on the Washington Post is good, but I am not totally happy with their agriturismo picks. For more choices, visit also:

        If you are looking for something above the average agriturismo, I would suggest Eremo della Giubiliana and/or Relais Santa Anastasia. They are great places.

        1. I stayed one night at this one in May.

          It's near Piazza Armenina in the interior (which is delightful not too touristy town) and is within striking distance of Ragusa, Noto and Modica.

          Apparantly if you stay for a while you can help to make ricotta although I didn't see any goats. A lot of vineyard though.

          It was a very pleasant place.