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Aug 5, 2007 11:12 PM

korean shaved ice in the westside!

i've been really enjoying the shaved ice at boba time on the corner of national and sepulveda. they have 5 choices- mixed fruit, mixed fruit deluxe, mango, green tea, and coffee. the owner is really friendly and is more than willing to accommodate topping substitutions. i'm not sure what exactly defines korean shaved ice, but they are very generous with the fresh fruit, red bean, mochi, ice cream (or pinkberry-esque yogurt), boba, etc.

prices range from $5-6 for shaved ice and the place has free wifi. it's basically your standard asian drink/froyo place but i think i'll be sticking to the shaved ice. i really like the level of control i have in what goes into it...most places will be stingy with ingredients or will not allow substitutions.

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  1. Thanks for posting. I've been hoping to find good shaved ice on the westside.
    Do they use fresh mango, or is it mango syrup?
    Do you know their business hours?

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    1. re: fdb

      they use fresh mango...all their ingredients are fresh.

      they had some kidn of crazy hours if i remember correctly.... 7:30-10:30. what kind of asian boba place opens at 7:30?

    2. Wow! How exciting! What is the name of this place? Is it in the shopping center where "Hamburger Habit" is or in the shopping center where the "Pizza Hut" is? Yesterday, I went to Rodeo Galleria in K-town for Korean Shaved Ice and was completely dissapointed. Instead of shaved ice, they gave me some sort of pineapple flavored ice like sorbet. I was duped! Thanks for this posting.

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        it's in the hamburger habit shopping center. i'm so excited, i no longer have to drive to ktown for my shaved ice fix. :) i can now walk to boba time!

        i had their green tea last good. it had shaved ice, green tea ice cream, red bean, mochi, and kiwi.

        1. re: greengelato

          Wow, that does sound good (esp now, after lunch). I might have to give it a try, I usually go to The Yellow House in K-town, but more for the ambience than the shaved ice itself.

      2. I made a run to Boba Time and tried the green tea shaved ice yesterday. I feel it kind of lacks the strong green tea flavor that I like but the mochi is very chewy and tasty. I asked to have some extra mango topping and they were so kind to add it for free. The mango is very soft and sweet--I like it. I'll have to go back for mango shaved ice next time. I still like Taiwanese shaved ice better but I'll frequent Boba Time when I can't drive out to SGV. Oh, I also have a sample of their frozen yogurt. It was tangy but a little watery.