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Aug 5, 2007 11:05 PM

Just moved to Vancouver...

I just moved to Vancouver and was looking to hit some good restaurants.

I have made 2 previous trips before the move and got to Guu, Tropika, Phnom Penh and a few other places.

Well, I just moved here and was looking to meet some people. Anyone up for Vij's? Chambar? Prima Taste? I really don't care, I like everything. Drinks and Apps are on me.

Let me know.

Ian Lewis

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  1. Don't know too many places in town that feature offal!! You seem rather keen on Asian restaurants though, so, I'm sure you'll eventually chat up someone to teach you! Haven't been to Chambar yet, not quite sure why, I live downtown so no excuse there - Might be game to try it - speaking of which - keep an eye open for game week at Cafe de Paris on Denman - should be early October (it's excellent)


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    1. re: hrhsheba

      Offal? Oh, I guess you read my other posts. haha. No, I don't need a place to feature offal. Nor am I partial to Asian restaurants. I just happened to hit those when I was here last.

      Funny you mention Cafe de Paris, that is very close to my new apartment and I just happened to walk by it this morning. I will definitely keep an eye out for "Game Week".

      And if people are looking to go to Chambar, I would definitely be up for that .

    2. I'm assuming you like Sushi(you obviously like other Asian cuisines). For good cheap sushi go to Sushi King House on Granville near 64th. The food is fresh & portions are large.

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      1. re: zipper

        Yeah, I like everything. French might be my favorite, but I am not sure. Thanks for the tip on the Sushi King House. If I am ever down in that area, I will check it out.