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Aug 5, 2007 10:26 PM

south bay date restaurant

thinkin gof going out for a nice dinner in south bay / long becah ,any suggestions of great dining experience

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  1. What type of date are you trying to go for? Totally low-key? A little high end? What's your budget?

    1. Chez Melange in Redondo Beach - still good after all these years
      Admiral Risty's RPV - ask for a table at the window and go when Richard Leach is playing guitar
      Tracht's LB Rennisance

      1. if you are in long beach , the sky room or gladstones for fish, South bay would reccomend Kinkaids at the redondo beach pier.

        1. Miyoda (formerly Ichiriki) on Beryl Ave. in Redondo Beach. Very popular with the locals and the food is very good. Next to Vons'.

          1. nice dinner without the kids , yippee . Not a lover of admiral risty or melange both still in the 80's . I was thinking frenchys , any other sugestions probably long beach or belmont shores

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              George's Greek on 2nd Street is nice. Go to Le Creperie for dessert. Ooh la la!