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Aug 5, 2007 08:21 PM

Name of bakery near Florence, MA ?

I'm looking for a name and/or telephone number of a bakery that's located in between Florence and Northampton. Its next to a pottery that has a gallery.. They sell coffee and sweets and whole grain bread. We went their last year and there cinnamon rolls were incredible. Appreciate any help!

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  1. Are you thinking of the Look Bakery, on Route 9 past Florence, right by the turnoff to Leeds? 586-5221. There might be another place down the way towards Williamsburg, but I don't know its name.

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      Thank you so much!--that might be it! I'll call them and try to figure out if its the same place I was thinking of

    2. Bread Euphoria 206 Main Street Haydenville, MA 01039. 413 268-7757 is what you might be thinking of. It's past Florence before Williamsburg on Rte 9.

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        It is Bread Euphoria. Next to pottery gallery. Haydenville. 3 miles west of Florence on rt 9