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Aug 5, 2007 08:09 PM

Good pitstop on the way to Pt. Judith R.I from Brooklyn N.Y

We are hoping to stop at either a great breakfast/diner/lunchonette on the way to the Block Island ferry.The requirements are that it has to be
1.)not far from 95
2.)kid friendly
3.)Somewhere in CT.
We were hoping to eat pizza in New Haven,but we need to be at the ferry around lunchtime.
Thank you for your help!

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  1. If you get to the ferry a little early, you can eat clam cakes and chowder at one of the shacks in Pt. Judith. Otherwise, there's not a whole lot right off the highway... a couple diners in Milford and Guilford, CT, and Dunkin Donuts' all along RI. I'd have breakfast at home and plan on eating in PJ -- clear rhode island chowder is not to be missed.
    Do you know where you're eating on BI? I waited tables there for years, so repost if you have quetsions about that!
    Have fun!

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    1. re: ctscorp

      Thanks ctscorp I will take heed to your advice and save room for some clear chowder- have not ever tried it-sounds great!
      Will repost re:BI dining

      1. re: pineapple

        I don't know if you subscribe to Saveur, but the latest issue -- the one with an avocado on the cover -- has a feature about RI clam shacks and I seem to remember it mentioning some in Galillee/PJ. I don't have the issue and the info's not online, but you could do what I do: go to Barnes & Noble and read it for free!

        1. re: ctscorp

          One of their highly recommended spots is Champlins in Galilee. I thought their clam cakes were the best I've had by a long shot, although the stuffies really left a lot to be desired. The fried clams were solid, and I didn't have any chowder but it got high marks from one of my companions.

    2. Kitchen Little in Mystic, CT for a great breakfast or lunch