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Aug 5, 2007 07:59 PM

Orlando College Student

I'm making the move down to Orlando next week for school and have a few questions. I'm going to be at UCF's Rosen College near the OCCC. With that in mind, here are the questions.

1. Is there anyplace like a Whole Foods or Trader Joe's in the area. It appears that Goodings would be that type of place, but I've never been inside one and am not clear on what they offer. I'm basically looking for lots of pre-made stuff thats both fresh and frozen. I've grown to love a lot of the frozen stuff from TJ's and am disappointed they don't have any FL locations.

2. Where is the nearest cheap grocery store like an Aldi or Sav-A-Lot. If the budget gets tight I'll likely be spending a lot of time there.

3. Do any of the places near the OCCC offer any really good specials. I'd think that the area would be a great place to hunt for specials or coupons for places in those tour brochures that you can find pretty much everywhere.

I know this isn't the usual Chowhound thread, but thanks to anyone who can offer some help. I really don't much about Orlando outside the planning I've done for trips to WDW or Universal.

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  1. here's my shot at an answer:
    1. No WF's or TJ yet!! The WF closes is in WinterPark which is a treck from your campus. The WF at TurkeyLake and Sandlake is in construction now and should be open by fall. Not really impressed by Goodings.

    2.Winn-Dixie is going to be the closes cheap groceries only store. Other than that you've got Super Wal-Mart on Turkey lake Rd just north of Central Florida Parkway.

    3.It's tourist prices in most of the area of your campus. You'll have to head in the direction of OBT for 'local's' pricing. Yes there are coupon deals, but it's a deal off of an inflated price to begin with. Unfortunately, food is relatively expensive in Orlando. My example would be a typical Colombian dish call a mountain plate. In NYC this is about $10-$11 , the same plate in Orlando is $11.50 to $13. In both instances the dish has rice, beans, a fried egg, a piece of avocado, a couple of maduros, a decent sized flank steak and a piece of chicharon. Or let's take a look at a slice of pizza, in NYC a cheese slice typically runs you $1.25 - $1.75, in Orlando you are paying at least $2+ tax for NY style slice.

    When you find cheap eats please post.

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    1. re: NY P8ntball

      Though for anything other than total basics and staples, Winn Dixie can easily end up being more expensive than Publix for the same product.

      Fresh Market has some good premade offerings. Publix is hit or miss for pre-made, but if they do carry it, it's usually cheaper than it would be at Fresh Market, World Market, or Whole Foods.

    2. There is a a Sav-a-Lot in town. It's not near you (there may be some closer that I'm not aware of), but it's near excellent cheap restaurants. It's in the Tri-City Plaza on the corner of Colonial/50 and Dillard in Winter Garden. The strip mall has a decent produce store, excellent Cuban food (Tino's) and decent Mexican (Taquitos Jalisco). Several Mexican grocery stores are nearby, and they have great prices on produce and meat.

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      1. re: rudykins

        I live across the street from another Sav-A-Lot, where Casselberry meets Longwood in Seminole County (the 17-92 and 434 intersection). Not that it's any more convenient for the OP, but just saying there's more than one around.

      2. There is a Fresh Market in Williamsburg area.
        Someone did list places on I drive for under $15 on this thread

        1. Thanks for all the help so far guys, its definitely appreciated.

          1. The Fresh Market mentioned elsewhere is the closest "gourmet grocery," but it ain't cheap. It's jusa bit north of Sand Lake Road on Dr. Phillips Blvd. an, south of Conroy.

            You will eventually be getting a Publix right across the street from the school -- are you living in the dorm? -- it is under construction now.

            Til' then the SuperWal-Mart is probably the best combination of cheap and convenient.

            Agree with the post about I-Drive dining discounts. You'll need to search out the convenient local neighborhood spots that your fellow students have already discovered. After all, you should be living and studing with a bunch of foodies at a hospitality college.