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Aug 5, 2007 07:58 PM

Visiting from St. Louis 8/9-8/12.

My husband and I are coming to NYC from St. Louis. His first visit, I have been there to shop and go to seminars. I have seen the tourist sites, but we want to make this fun. 40 somethings, both active and fit, we will probably work out a time or two. Staying at the Michelangelo. I eat way too healthy but love to sip on a martini now and again. He loves food!!! Steak, pizza, bacon and eggs you name it!. For sure we will hit Katz, Patsy's, I would love to pack a picnic lunch maybe at the market at Grand Central Station. I want to walk the Brooklyn bridge and show him around. We can eat appetizers at a bar and be happy, I am on an expense account and a great meal or two is in order. I don't eat enough to make it worth my while but I do love trendy, healthy food. Help me out if you can. Thanks in advance

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  1. Okay what am I doing wrong? no one is giving me recs. Looking for decent food at a fair price and a couple of great places to have a martini, enjoy the scenery and maybe hear some live music. I have read tons of posts on here but can't find exactly what I am looking for.

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      Great spot for Martini is the bar at the Ritz-Carlton/Battery Park. Great view of Lady Liberty as the sun sets.

      For Pizza take the subway to Brooklyn and have a slice at DiFara's Pizza

    2. Have a couple martinis at the Rink Bar at Rockefeller Center and at the Modern Bar next to MoMA. Both make terrific drinks in a great setting. While you're at the Modern, I do suggest you try some of their small plates to whet your appetite as you sip on a truly great cocktail. If you want to make a small trip, Employees Only, while normally crowded, is acceptable in the late afternoon and makes some great martinis in a very cool setting.

      Town, San Domenico: both places to try in the vicinity of your hotel. Gobo to satisfy your health food craving. Boroughs will satisfy all Midwestern appetites and introduce you to the bounty of foods in NYC while the balanced flavors at Buddakan or EN Japanese Brasserie will help you forget the calories you ate in that egg cream the night prior.

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        Thanks for the tips. If I want to picnic in Central Park, any suggestions on where to get the food?

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          You are way better off hitting Fairway or Zabar's than the Grand Central Terminal market (which is WAY overpriced, IMHO). (Fairway on 74th & Bway or Zabar's on 80th & Bway.) Both have excellent cheese and bread selections (though I prefer Fairway on both counts). Zabar's has better olive selection. You can also get some prepared items like hummus or other spreads, plus fruit and that sort of thing. Fairway has a pretty good selection of prepared (hot and cold) dishes of veggies and meats and such. Both have excellent smoked salmon also. If you choose to go to Zabar's, across the street is H&H Bagels, which is the best bagel in the city (IMO).

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            I agree. I don't like the Grand Central Market. It would be better to hit up the prepare foods counter at Fairway or Citarella or Zabar's and then head over to the 79th or 72nd Sts. entrance to the park for a picnic. I've been meaning to do this myself by purchasing:
            Balthazar baguettes, sliced salume, olives, piquillos, cornichons from Fairway
            Roasted chicken at Citarella (or maybe Chirping Chicken)
            Cheese at Zabar's
            Foccaccia and cookies from Levain
            Soda from Pioneer (which I plan to empty and fill with wine from Beacon)
            and then relaxing in the park with some friends. I've also heard it told that a few places in the Time Warner Center make picnic lunches, so that's another option.

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              Bouchon Bakery and Whole Foods in the Time Warner Center (SW corner of Central Park) are good places to source for a picnic.
              For your expense account meal, I highly recommend Blue Hill. Healthy, subtle flavors in a handsome Village townhouse and great service!