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Aug 5, 2007 06:01 PM

How long will a flank steak keep?

I bought a flank steak on friday morning - began marinating it on friday morning - hoping to grill it on saturday but plans changed - currently I have removed it from the marinade and it is in the refrigerator - I hate to make a 2lb. flank steak for myself. Will it keep until tomorrow night (monday night)?

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  1. friday to monday should be no problem.

    1. I have marinated 2 steaks and realized I only needed one. I took the extra one out of the marinade and put it in the freezer. It was fine thawed and grilled in a couple of weeks.

      1. Unless there's a lot of acid in your marinade (which there probably wouldn't be if it was an overnight marinade anyway). And as long as it was fresh to begin with.