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Aug 5, 2007 05:33 PM

Great Khan Mongolian BBQ?

There's one near me. How is this chain?

What I find hilarious is they even have a restaurant in Mongolia according to the website.

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  1. There's nothing great nor mongolian about this establishment. Just a mere American corporate instaculture that caught on like stink on a monkey. I'm not sure what it is about their customers... perhaps it's the choice of picking their own low grade meat and exotic vegetables that really turns them on. I tried this place 3 times... and all three times there were loads of oil, not much flavor, over cooking, and melted styrofoam. I'm not sure what I tasted more the oil or the polystyrene but what I can say for sure was the wrath of whatever amalgam it was, 12 hours after I ate it.

    1. Interesting that the website seems to be selling their concept to potential investors as much as it does to potential customers.

      1. the concept was a nice change of pace when they started popping up in food courts. however, many chains (Lazy Dog Cafe, Pei Wei) have adopted this option and made it their own. now I don't even bother with Khan's. I think the selling point was deciding your toppings (a 'hot' version of the salad bar?).

        1. this place used to be a relatively OK food-court experience, but now they severely limit your portions, and also eliminated lamb, which was the one thing that differentiated them from others of their ilk. If there are other options, take them.