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Aug 5, 2007 04:43 PM

More Mexican Grocery Stores?

I was wondering if there was a high end mexican grocery stores. I just recently went to a Vallarta and was very impressed by the selection, but also wanted to see what else was out there. I picked up quite a few local products but also saw a lot of Take-On-American products. Which I also enjoy a lot.

Any other suggestions for the LA Area. I mostly find myself on the west side, hollywood, valley areas. Anything east of the 5 I never get to.


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  1. Try Superior Markets the one in City of Industry ( 18 or so southland locations ) is like a costco and a fun place to shop. I like their the in house bakery and torterilla (sp) and meat and produce is really nice..

    1. superior market @ the usc village lots o fresh mexican cuisine and excellent bakery

      1. This place is more central/south american than mexican, but try Liborio. They've got a big location on Pico, just west of downtown. I believe they've got a couple other locations. These are nice stores because they have huge bakeries, good meat sections, and tons of imported foods from Central America. It's not dominated by Mexican foods, which was nice (not that I have anything against Mexican food, but it was refreshing to discover something else.)