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Aug 5, 2007 03:39 PM

Rileybrook Hall, Laurel, IN

Has anyone been to this restaurant? I hear it's quite the experience. Please give me any info you may have. Thanks!

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  1. I just went there with my wife, mom, and aunt and had a GREAT time. Good food, very eclectic environment, overall a very unique experience. Here is a link I foound with some photos of the place :

    pics are from 2005 it appears but not much has changed. A little hard to find as my aunt drove us there, but worth the trip!

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      Do you know if they use any local products or local produce in their cooking?

    2. I went to this restaurant yesterday and had a bad experience. I asked a simple question of the owner/server and made an innocuous comment. He then jumped down my throat. I was very embarrassed and said nothing further. He returned to the table later and continued to belittle me at which point I got up and left the restaurant. The quality of the food was poor, particularly the entree which was a lukewarm, mushy pasta dish. All this for $18?? I would never take anyone there.

      1. My family and friends have eaten here many times over the years and ate there again today. This place is my all time favorite! It is truly a dining experience. Can't wait to go in December for the 5 course dinner. The place is great and the service can't be beat. We love the homey atmosphere and it is so nice to go somewhere where you can linger and talk over dinner without feeling rushed. We've never had a bad experience and the food is wonderful. I recommend this eating establishment for anyone. My 17 year old is finally old enough to experience it and is going for her first visit in December.