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Unique Guacamole Ideas?

I've got a ton of perfectly ripe avocados and I want to make guacamole for my family for an appetizer tonight, but I'm looking for something different. I usually just mash up avocado, and add some red onion, tomato, garlic salt, oregano, and cumin. What do you use? anything unique or unusual to mix up my usual guac?

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  1. I don't use onion at all (I'm allergic unless they're cooked), and I'm rather a purist about my guacamole. I like lime juice, garlic mashed with salt, and a finely chopped tomato, almost just like my grandmother learned from a neighbor about 60 years ago; she used garlic salt instead, but I like the sharpness of the fresh garlic. If you insist on getting creative, some tomatillo sauce is a nice addition and cilantro is good for garnish.

    1. Chopped fresh cilantro is always good in guac. I like to add 2T dijon mustard.

      1. This is something i am stuck on. It is based on an Ina Garten recipe but of course I had to add my own touches. It makes a very good one dish meak if you add grilled chicken or shrimp to top it off.

        I seem to have gotten stuck on Ina Gartens Guacamole Salad. I've made it 3 times in 3 weeks.

        Basically it is a yellow bell pepper choped into 1/2' dice, about the same amount of red onion, I put in about 1 C. corn, I add a drained can of Kuners Southwestern Cumin seasoned black beans, well drained and mix it all up until realy to serve and then add 1/4 C. fresh lime juice zablout 2 Tbs. olive oil and S&P to taste. Mix well and add a half of a sliced avocado to top each portion. Her recipe has you dice the avocado and mix it in but you end up usually with left over salad and left over avocado is just not pretty.

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          I made this about a week ago, it was so great! A little bit spicy for my liking though, the jalapeno's in it were a bit too much, It works really wlell as a salsa/guacamole combo for those who like both :)

          1. If you are not a purist, I like a little diced mango, maybe even some black beans.

            1. Cucumber, peeled, seeded and finely chopped (or just finely chopped if you use armenian cucumbers or one of the other thin skinned types). And white wine vinegar instead of lime juice. Avocado, salt (no tomatoes, no spices). That's all it takes. If you want to get fancy, add some shallots.

              1. Epicurious had a recipe for wasabi guacamole and crabmeat served in a wonton cup that I like a lot. It was a great presentation, though I think the only thing the puree had in common with guacamole was that there were avocados in it. The combo tasted a lot more like a California Roll than a Mexican side.

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                  A small drizzle of dark oriental sesame oil. It adds a little bit of a smoky flavour. I just grab whatever takes my fancy, from the cupboard. It's a little different each time, which is always fun!


                2. Well, I like my guacamole to be pretty simple but the other day when I had produce that needed using up I made a sort of peach salsa with peaches, avocados, jalapeno, onion, lime, salt, cilantro. It was actually really good and very refreshing.
                  This is the long way of suggesting adding diced peaches or nectarines. :) We loved it.

                  1. I know this is a little late on the post but Saveur featured avocados in their Aug/Sept issue they had some great recipes. I didn't make all of them; I did try the fajita w/green sauce it was great.

                    1. Not traditional at all, but grilled lime butter brushed corn is an awesome addition, as is charred grilled asparagus.

                      1. I know this was years ago, I made a 'Mango' guacamole -
                        1/2 large ripe mango
                        1 advocado
                        2 Jalapenos finely chopped-
                        1 teaspoon white vinegar.

                        I diced the advocado finely, diced the mango slightly larger chunks, finely chopped the jalapenos and left half the seeds in. added the white vinegar and mixed this really well. Surprisingly This guacamole only had a slow heat to it. My mouth would get hot after eating it not as much during.

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                          Oh, I've done that too, just delicious, isn't it?

                          Also charred tomatoes and peaches. Sublime.

                        2. I do it the way I've had it in Mexico: avocado, lime, salt. Period.

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                            Oh the plates of avocado they serve you for like $5 is just ridiculous & delicious!

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                              I add a tiny bit of very finely minced jalapeno to that. Again - period.

                            2. Save some of the avocados for dessert and make avocado shakes: http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html...

                              1. A Venezuelan friend of mine once showed me guasacaca venezolana, which is similar to Mexican guacamole. Instead of lime juice, vinegar is used. It is a delicious alternative, and can be eaten with anything, whether on top of arepas, as a side with grilled and roasted meats, with fried yuca chips, empanadas, or be innovative and serve it however you like.

                                A basic recipe would be to finely mash 2 avocados, and mash two very roughly into large chunks. Add in a tiny bit of crushed garlic, some finely chopped onion, tomato, bell pepper (of multiple colors), parsley, a bit of white wine vinegar, black pepper, salt, and olive oil. You can make it spicy with a dash of salsa picante/Tabasco type sauce.

                                1. i was watching bayless today for his "guacamole -- on the wild side" show. i thought i'd share the link with his interesting combinations: http://www.rickbayless.com/tv/season7...

                                  1. avocado
                                    diced red pepper
                                    lime juice

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                                    1. I have not read the other posts, but the ingredient that is missing from your recipe is some form of heat from a capsicum. Also, some citrus helps to keep the stuff from turning brown...lime juice comes to mind.

                                      1. Add some roasted, cubed kubota squash, and some diced water chestnuts (canned is ok).

                                        Adds a nice roasty sweetness (squash) with a bit of crunch (water chestnuts)

                                        1. When I had an avocado tree in Bolivia, I'd make a bechamel sauce and warm up slices of good ham and avocado and have it over pasta.

                                          I grind coriander seeds and dice jalpeno/serrano peppers and fresh lime juice.

                                          A shrimp avocado salad w/ a half of avocado, loosened from the skin, put a dollop of mayo (or your favorite salad dressing) in the center and line the edge w. peeled cocktail shrimp.