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Aug 5, 2007 03:13 PM

Three Toronto questions

Hi.... I visit Toronto about once a month, and have found a lot of food and places to love. But still uncertain about a few things.......

1. Best espresso? I've heard about Il Gatto Nero in Little Italy; Moonbean Coffee in Kensington Market has been my default.

2. Best Vietnamese? Some of the tiny joints up and down Yonge are OK, and Chinatown too, but would appreciate more choices.

3. Best very-early-Sunday-morning breakfast? Most brunch places don't open til 10; I usually end up at the Senator Diner, but would love other early options downtown.

Thanks a lot!

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  1. 1. My favourite espresso: I Deal Coffee - either on Nassau in Kensington Market, or on Ossington between Dundas and Queen.

    2. Chinatown East: Hanoi 3 Seasons (have the grouper), and Mimi's.

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    1. re: estragon

      Mimi's?...I went once and thought it was great, awsome beans as a side to eggs, the next time I found the staff to be rude and totally unaccomadating, we wanted to wait at the bar and have coffee while a booth opened up and our other 2 diners showed, they said no, wait outside rudely, I know it is small, but, we left, I have since heard first hand stories of roaches running over the the list...

      1. re: Recyclor

        I have a feeling you're thinking of the little breakfast place next to the steam bath on Bathurst. The Mimi's estragon referred to is a friendly, family run Vietnamese place on Gerrard. They serve the tastiest BBQ pork, imho.

        1. re: Delish

          My bad, sorry!...I was referring to the place at Queen + Bathurst...

      2. re: estragon

        If you make it to I Deal...also on Ossington, Golden Turtle Vietnamese, great pho...

      3. 3. Aunties and Uncles. Lippincott (just east of Bathurst), a smidge north of College. Or Bonjour Brioche (though some may disagree!) at Queen and Degrassi.

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        1. re: TorontoJo

          Pho Vietnam, Kennedy near Lawrence, amidst all the discount furniture stores and general crap in the area, is excellent, not just for pho, but other Vietnamese dishes as well. Clean, modern and usually crowded.

        2. 1. b Cafe is decent, on Queen StE, just east of Church. Limited hours open.

          2. I usually eat Vietnamese food at the greasy, slightly dirty joints, as quick cheap meals, so I'm not sure if my opinion is up to par, but.....I really really enjoyed Vic Hong (Chinese-run) up in Scarborough on Silver Star, south of Steeles. It's next to Starwalk Buffet, and close to Pacific Mall.
          The service was pretty slow (they served one table at a time), but the quality of the food was really good compared to my usual $5 pho. I had vermicelli with BBQ pork and shrimp on sugarcane. Others had pickled pork with vermicelli, and their "special" pho.

          My "BBQ" pork was actually grilled, really really nicely. Thinly sliced, but moist and tender. The noodles were just right, and the shrimp on sugarcane was massive! Worth the wait. The pork was really really good....
          The pickled pork was peppery and a bit too spicy for me. The pho broth was delicate and clean (not greasy), beef was tender, and the dish came with extras like turnip and red onion, which is a bit unusual.

          The decor is kind of strange. It reminds me of Dr. Seuss, or those games for children from the makers of Cranium.

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          1. re: jinxed

            Vic Hong used to have a location in Richmond Hill, and we visited it at least once a month. The kids loved all the BBQ dishes, the little noodle packages, and even the pickled radish (in fact, we often ordered an extra plate of that to share). Their spring rolls are top notch, and I'm a huge fan of their pho, especially the "center vietnamese" style - a spicy but not hot broth (featuring anise amongst other flavours).

            We still visit the Scarborough location, just not as often, as it's about a half-hour drive.

            1. re: jinxed

              "but the quality of the food was really good compared to my usual $5 pho.."

              .. how much are their phos then?

              1. re: jennjen18

                The dishes aren't expensive, maybe a dollar or two more than the super-cheap places I usually go to for pho. I think my dish was $8, and the pho was $6 or 7....not really any difference in price, so I was pretty pleased since I enjoyed my meal. I wouldn't say that it's a "must-visit", but the food was very very decent and I'll eat there again.

                I'll definitely try the spring rolls next time! I love pickled radishes, and that's one of the things I look forward to when I go for K-BBQ!

            2. For Espresso I would have to go with Mercury in Leslieville. Absolutely addictive.

              1. I agree with Pho Vietnam -it seems like on odd location, on Kennedy, but it's not far south of the 401, so it's easy to get to, and it is always high quality, a notch above the average cheap places, IMHO. The decor is very nice - like they got a designer in , instead of buying cheap formica. The staff is always friendly, and service is very fast. It's essentially the same menu as at all the other vietnamese places: pho, bun, spring rolls, etc. But a lot of it is just a little nicer than most, for around the same price - in other words, cheap eats that taste great! They make a chili lemongrass shrimp dish (I think it can be ordered with chicken too), with a spicy kind of paste, of chopped up lemongrass, chilis and lots of garlic, which is delicious. Their spring rolls are very good, and they even make a very good pad thai. Also, like most vietnamese places, they make various milkshakes and frozen drinks - I haven't tried them at too many places, but the strawberry frozen drink at Pho Vietnam was better than any strawberry milkshake I've had in my life.