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Aug 5, 2007 02:48 PM

24 Hours in Providence - What to do??

Hi, my New England Chowhound friends - we will be spending 24 hours in Providence next month on our way to Boston. That means one dinner, breakfast, and lunch - in that order. We will be staying at the Westin. In reading the boards, it appears I should go to La Laiterie at Farmstead Cheese, Mill's Tavern, and Nicks. And, I know my husband would probably love a good Italian dinner - I mean Italian like Tortellini Bolognese. We will probably be in Newport during lunchtime. Help me weed thru my options and send me in the right direction. Thanks, all, in advance.

PS: I was planning a visit to the Johnson & Wales Culinary Museum...worth the trip?

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  1. the JWU museum is totally worth the trip... really awesome collection of stuff you wont see anywhere else - including an original worcester diner! check it out!

    1. I was a *bit* confused by your post... Is lunch going to be in Newport or Providence?

      I second Nick's for breakfast in Providence. Check the hours of everything. For example, I don't think La Laiterie is open for lunch...

      For an Italian dinner in Providence, there are lots of options, but I love Siena on Federal Hill.

      Good luck!

      - Garris
      Providence, RI

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        Or for more of a scene, try Costantino's in DePasquale Square for Italian. Although Siena does have a nice outdoor set up, but you can't beat De Pasquale overall.

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          Agree. I'd say Nick's for breakfast, Constantino's/Venda Ravioli (outdoor cafe section) for lunch, and Siena for dinner.

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            to take full advantage of the 24 hours, I'd conclude with post-midnight weiners at the NY System on Smith St.

      2. All the rec's sound good--I would follow dinner with a Waterfire stroll--not to be missed if it's a Waterfire night. Make it Chowish by discusing what you've eaten that day as you enjoy the evening!

        1. Opa's on Federal Hill, if it is still there and if you like Greek food.


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            The food is solid, but the service is among the worst I have ever experienced at any establishment.