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Aug 5, 2007 02:19 PM

Group dinner in vicinity of Palmer House

Looking for a venue to accomodate a group of ~30 out-of-towners, preferably in a private room. Nothing too adventurous menu-wise, perhaps up to $60/pp with everything. Group is mostly women, age 50+, if that helps. TIA.

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  1. have you given some thought to trattoria no. 10 ( they have a private dining area and you could slide right in at $50/60 per person. their appetizers are out of this world and the servers really know their wine.

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      I'd second Trattoria # 10 (Dearborn and Madison, btw). Very good Italian food, nice atmosphere, nothing very challenging. Should be perfect for your group. $50 per person sounds about right, before gratuities.

      Also, they have a pretty nice buffet in the bar on weeknights for about $12, with salads, pasta, and a couple of hot dishes, if you want a quick, nice meal for a few people another evening. Avoid Friday evenings, though. The place fills up with lawyers since the court complex is right next door to #10. Loud, drunk lawyers.

    2. Also check out Greektown, which is a short cab ride from the Palmer House. There are several restaurants there that could accommodate your party well within your budget. I would start with Parthenon and Greek Islands.

      1. A great new place that has truly imaginitive and great food with more than enough space perfect for a big group is The Gage on Michigan Ave. It is less than three blocks away from the Palmer House, has a great wine list, small plates, and starters as well as solid main courses. They also have private dining rooms that can easily accomodate a big group like yours.