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Aug 5, 2007 02:15 PM

Any suggestions for Ventura or Carpinteria?

Any suggestions for a great place for an early dinner in Ventura or Carpinteria? Looking for somewhere that is inexpensive and casual.

Thank You!

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  1. Drove up from LA recently to see Andy Bumatai perform at Mai's Cafe on Main Street and Telegraph. Andy is one of Hawaii's well-known comedian/actors who rarely does roadtrips. outside of Las Vegas and Waikiki. Anyway, if you're looking for somewhere casual and relaxing to entertain, this place is a suggestion. Mai's is a local Vietnamese restaurant/nightspot in Ventura with a polynesian theme. There is an open mike for wannabe comedians sponsored by local Ventura resident and pro entertainer named Kamaka Brown who emcees.

    1. Zookers on Casitas Pass Rd. in Carpinteria. Inexpensive, casual & good.

      1. If you're up for a vegan adventure, try Mary's Secret Garden downtown in Ventura on Santa Clara kitty-corner from the post office. I have taken non-veg friends there with great result. They really care about their food and it is fresh and tasty. Most entrees are between $12 and $16.

        Also, at California and Main, there are 2 good choices - Cafe Bariloche serves South American food - you can fill up on empanadas for about $10-$12. Or go next door to Tipps Thai, the oldest and most reliable Thai in Ventura.

        All 3 are casual. Mary's had odd hours and days off, so call ahead if you can.

        1. Maria Bonita on Main St. in Ventura, across the street from and a bit south of the Mission. Wonderful riffs on regional Mexican cooking, terrific food, and not expensive.