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Aug 5, 2007 02:12 PM

Best Indian in Queens?


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  1. Op: I should have said, I prefer South Indian

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    1. re: dberrent

      Well, absolutely the best neighborhood for it in Queens is Jackson Heights. I'm not totally sure which places on the strip of 74th street are exclusively southern Indian, but Indian Taj, and Ashoka have always been right on with their food. Though it gets knocked alot, Jackson Diner can still be a good experience too though I haven't been there recently and can't honestly vouch for how good it is (only was) or bad it's gotten.

      1. re: dberrent

        The Ganesh temple in Flushing has pretty good S Indian vegetarian food, especially dosas ( ).

        I tried Kerala Kitchen in Glen Oaks last weekend. Unfortunately I fell for the buffet late in the afternoon, which, though past its prime, had quite the selection (maybe ~20 items). I had not seen some of the dishes at any other Indian restaurants, nor while growing up in Nepal/N India. The owners are Christians from the southern part of Kerala, so the food is not completely vegetarian and beef is also served if that matters to you. Despite my chow instincts failing me, I would return to order a la carte off the menu. The buffet offerings actually would have been really good if I'd gone around noon instead of 4pm.

        1. re: Joe MacBu

          The sambar at the Ganesh Temple Canteen is outrageously good- vividly flavorful with lots of vegetables- but unfortunately the dosas I have gotten there tended to be on the limp and flabby side. I work with a fellow who is a member, and his advice is to tell them that you want it crispy and they will comply. I guess I'll find out next time I'm there.

          As a point of comparisson, the Dosa Hutt next door has top quality food across the board, although personally I'd give a slight edge to the sambar at the Canteen. The rava dosas at Dosa Hutt are probably my favorite thing that they do there- really lacy and crispy.

          1. re: TongoRad

            The dosas I've gotten have always been crispy, but I also get them plain, without the potato filling. I agree on the good sambar, and they are very generous with the coconut chutney.

      2. Probably Spicy Mina in Woodside on 65th and Broadway. (One stop from Jackson Heights on the R, V, G.) It's Bangaldeshi. Very fresh and most things cooked to order. The staff is very kind. It's BYOB; there's a liquor store down the street. The Dosa Diner is also tasty. It is veg and they have dosas, iddlis, and thalis. It's on 73rd between 35th and 37th Aves.