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Aug 5, 2007 02:03 PM

Best Peanut Butter

For my money, the best peanut butter in the universe is Adams, and to be specific, Adams Crunchy.
It's good enough when I first tasted it, as a gift, I ordered it by the case from the Pacific NW, down to Oklahoma.
It's good enough when I heard they were to be bought by Smucker's I nearly went into mourning. But Smucker's had the rare good sense to acquire a brand and let it be what it is, a plain, unmessed-with, using-special-kind-of-peanuts-and-delicate-roast peanut butter.

To die for: a milkshake with Adams crunchy combined with whole local huckleberries in season. Best substitute: blackberries. It just barely makes it up the straw like little explosions of berry and roasted nut.

Or just plain on pancakes, with berries, or on fresh-baked bread. Yum!

You can't just buy a jar and use it, because it's not homogenized---hurrah! You set it on the counter top down, let it sit a few days til it's all migrated, then use a strong implement to stir the peanut puree and the oil into peanut butter, after which you can eat it. The stir-up lasts usually until the jar is completely gone, and if your will power is no better than mine, the duration is never tested too long.

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  1. Peanut Butter on waffles is my all time favorite. you should try it with your Adams!

    1. I love the stuff from PB Loco. It's pricey (6 bucks a jar, 5 for the ones at Super Target) but so very, very delicious.

      1. I may be biased because of where I live, but I have always preferred Smuckers all-natural PB.

        1. I like the really fresh kind -- right through the grinder in front of you while you wait. (I get mine at Fairway.)

          1. I really like Kroger's house brand of natural crunchy peanut butter. Ingredients peanuts and salt. That is it. I especially dislike peanut butter that has any sweetening in it at all.