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Aug 5, 2007 01:33 PM

Red Barn Grill in Hubert, NC (Onslow County)

Has anyone eatern here? A former co-worker of mine had mentioned this place to me a few years ago. She said they served great seafood. Can anyone else back up that claim?

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  1. I can back up the claim on the Red Barn Grill..It is a wonderful place to eat some great seafood the portions are well worth the price and The seafood is just tasty..served very hot and fresh like just caught seafood..My husband ate there just about everyday or at least twice a week when he worked at Hatteras Yachts..He tells all his friends about thema nd as amatter of fact we are taking my mother there this coming week for dinner...If you go enjoy!

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      The Red Barn Grill is in Swansboro.

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        Actually, technically the Red Barn Grill is in Hubert, NC (that's how all the mail is addressed to them:

        107 Red Barn Rd
        Hubert, NC 28539
        (910) 326-1163

        ...but you're correct, it's only a stone's throw away from Swansboro.

        Speaking of which...thank you for this review. This is a place that I have meaning to check out for a while now, and the "hole-in-the-wall, fresh-as-you-can-get seafood" aspect has me salivating. Surprisingly, places like this in NC are few and far between. Hopefully I can take a day down there and do a review of my own pretty soon (stopping by Southern Exposure in Faison, NC on the way back for dinner, of course).

    2. After a week of trying unsuccessfully to satiate my "Florida boy" hankering for casual fresh, local seafood, I decided to make the 2 1/2 hour sacrifice and drive on down to Red Barn Grill for dinner last Friday. I immediately fell in love with this place. Walk on in. Look at the menu. Look at the whiteboard that has some fresh catches of the day. We aren't talking about one or two token "catches of the day" that end up being some farm-raised tilapia or something. We're talking croaker, soft shell crab, jumping mullet, local shrimp, whole flounder, local oysters, clams, scallops, whatever the market has gotten in fresh. I had a combination platter - I did with a combo of three - shrimp, oysters, and flounder ($19.95), and it comes with fries and slaw and hushpuppies. They also have other sides with which you can substitute one or either of those - okra, green beans, potato salad, etc. Pick your seat, and listen to the beautiful sounds of from-scratch-frying in the open kitchen right behind the cash registers.

      The seafood my wife and I had there tonight was worth the drive and lived up to the billing of a place that serves local seafood done right. The batter was light and airy, the seafood so clean and sweet and succulent, and the portions generous. I rarely get full off of a seafood platter - I'm like a goldfish when it comes to this stuff - but this filled me. You get a massive plate of seafood as the star and main attraction, and you fill yourself to your heart's delight on it.