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Jan 14, 2006 08:56 PM

wild mountain brand honey

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I'm a bereft ex-bay area person; i became addicted to wild mountain brand honey, which as far as I can tell is from Oakland and isn't available outside the Bay Area. Does anyone have an email address, web site, or phone number on the makers?

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  1. yes it is a fine honey !!! we have 2 can 5p each go to safe way they seen to buy most of it so how do use your honey ? mj masterjsaxton

    1. I don't think it taste any good anymore, but here's the info:

      Coles Pure Honey Company
      200 Mountain Ave
      Piedmont, CA 94611
      (510) 654-3803

      1. Coles Pure Honey Company
        200 Mountain Ave
        Piedmont, CA 94611
        (510) 654-3803

        This honey is like no real honey I've ever tasted. Are you sure you want it? Tastes to me like molasses and it sure doesn't seem act like real honey. The low price is kind of a giveaway as well. Made in Thailand or Vietnam or Ukraine (check the tiny print on bottom of label).
        Good luck.

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. Nooo! Look closer, Cole's is a BLEND with Asian honeys! I cannot believe this is BLENDED honey with product from THAILAND AND VIETNAM. I feel like an idiot for purchasing this and thinking that I was helping small business.

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              That makes two idiots. I thought it was sourced from northern CA, but then I also read the fine print and discovered Asia was included, but no percentages. So it could be 1% local and 99% Asia. (Note to self: always read fine print)

              1. re: honker

                yes very true and thin too . no longer buy it . get one called north cal honey 100 % real top . at most costcos . we plan to order direct . put that in natural honey co name . but north cal is all star real thing this is trade mark name . john