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Aug 5, 2007 01:16 PM

Need rec's for Sunday Breakfast/Brunch with my parents!

My parents are coming into the city and I would like to take them out for a nice Sunday breakfast/brunch but not too pricey! I have checked out Henrietta's Table but it is $42 a person, it seems pricey for brunch. Any thoughts on S&S Restuarant in Inman Square?

So - any advice on restaurants that has good food and coffee?

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  1. S&S is mediocre.

    Best upscale spots in Cambridge area (other than Henrietta's) are Blue Room (buffet) or Upstairs on the Square. You will need reservations at either of these choices.

    1. I agree with Upstairs on the Square. I've also read on this board that OM has a very good brunch, and I think Hamersley's is serving brunch now.

      I'd skip the S&S. If you're looking for something in that price range, I'd go to Johnny D's.

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        I wouldn't go to Johnny D's either.

        If your parents are at all adventurous, you might consider East Coast Grill's Latin brunch. Check out the menu on their website:

      2. I agree on the mediocrity of S&S. Great Bay has a nice parent-type brunch (non-buffet), though sounds like you have Cambridge in mind. I like the Blue Room buffet too, and it's not as expensive as Henrietta's. Toscanini's is serving brunch with good food and good coffee, but it's pretty casual, not an Occasion With the Parents type of thing.

        If you go early enough at Henrietta's, I think you can get their regular breakfast menu on Sunday monrnings, which is just kinda-expensive and pleasant. Not sure how early you're planning to get up, though!

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          Thanks for all the responses! I do live in Cambridge but the restaurant does not need to be in Cambridge. I agree that Toscanini's isn't the place to take your parents. Hamersley's looks good as well as the Blue Room. Thanks again.

        2. I love the brunch at Tremont 647 - they have a great mix of breakfast and lunch foods and everything I've had is delicious. Prices are a la carte, but you could have a great meal for around $25/person at the most.

          I've been eating at S&S with my family for at least 20 years and I'm sad to say that it's really gone downhill from what it once was. Quality just isn't there and service is often rushed and surly or absent. I keep going back in the hopes that it will be better but I'm always disappointed.

          Tremont 647
          647 Tremont Street, Boston, MA 02118

          1. We had a nice brunch at Rocca recently, outdoors under umbrellas in their courtyard, very pleasant as long as it's not too hot. Some brunch standards plus a few pastas and other items from their Ligurian style dinner menu. Added benefit is free parking in a lot next door, a real plus for its South End location.