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Aug 5, 2007 01:07 PM

Special occasion: Le Bernadin, WD-50 or Union Square

Rethinking our options a bit. Thoughts? Maybe something not listed? EMP?

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  1. SCRATCH WD-50 from your list

    1. Love EMP and Le Bernardin. The tasting menu at either one is a very special meal indeed.

      1. I wouldn't scratch WD50 from your list. I had an excellent experience there. You just have to enter the meal with an open mind and the understanding that you're about to be served a very unique, original meal. that being said, the food I had there (although it was about 2 years ago) was fantastic.

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        1. re: catsrus9

          the desserts at WD-50 are amazing

        2. I would also scratch WD50. When eating there, the FOOD is the special occasion and I doubt that you want to shadow what you are truly celebrating. Go back there at another time when you can focus on the food.

          1. Union Square gets trashed a lot here as being mediocre, WD-50 and Le Bernadin are kind of in different worlds. Been to WD-50, glad to have had the experience, but at the same time, the ambience just didn't feel all that "special" to me. If you want to do something special/interesting and not break the bank, I'd take advantage of the season and have a tasting menu at Blue Hill. Another restaurant that gets a lot of props in that category is 11 Madison Park (haven't been myself but do a search). Somewhere else a little pricier and quite special-feeling--The Modern. Good luck!

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            1. re: Mandymac

              I ate at Union Square on Saturday night for a special occasion - I took my out of town guest there. The place was just too ordinary, they didn't "get it" - after hearing all the hype they just expected more (and so did I, and I have eaten there before!) Service was not great, though pleasant, just things were forgotten, including us, as we sat without even a drink order for over fifteen minutes.