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Aug 5, 2007 12:56 PM

Fresh Granola, Or Granola and Yogurt w/ fruit?

I am looking for fresh made Granola (Hippie food – Maybe from a bakery). I like nuts more than dried fruits but some dried fruits are good too. Also, it may be nice to have a granola and yogurt with fresh fruit breakfast someplace Any good stuff out there?

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  1. I don't know if it's still any good (or mass produced now that they've gone big time) but the original La Brea Bakery on La Brea used to have fantastic granola. Le Pain Quotidien also makes a good granola, also as part of a parfait with yogurt and fruit.

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      I second La Bra Bakery. You can get them at Vons, Gelson's, and Whole Food. They have lots of almonds and nuts. Not too much dried fruits, just the right amount of dried blueberry, cranberries, and currents. Really good! Try them with greek yogurt and fresh berries. I have them every morning for breakfast.

    2. For sit down places, I like the granola at Marston's and Pacific Dining Car. Square One also makes a nice granola, but it's a bit two grainy for me.

      But I think the best granola I've had recently has been at Julienne in San Marino. Just the right balance, not too sweet and tempered with a nice savoriness from the nuts.

      2649 Mission St, San Marino, CA 91108

      Square One Dining
      4854 Fountain Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90029

      Pacific Dining Car
      1310 W 6th St, Los Angeles, CA 90017

      Marston's Restaurant
      151 E Walnut St, Pasadena, CA 91103

      1. I've had good luck with the granola at BreadBar. They serve it in the restaurant and have to-go bags of it on the counter. Very good...

        This might not be for everyone, but I too like granola and have some strong preferences as to the ingredients. Therefore, I just make my own. It's so simple and such a better result.

        1. If you ever end up at the Irvine FM, there's a guy there who sells the best granola I've had. Of course I can't remember the name of the place, but he's right next to the gigantic Middle Eastern booth (seriously, that booth is 50 feet long) and across the aisle from Schreiner's sausages. He's usually got two kinds, one with fruit and one without, and they're both fantastic. I believe they're $6 a pound, but that's a LOT of granola.

          I used to get granola and fresh fruit with yoghurt at the Beverly Deli in the 500 block of North Brand in Glendale... early in the morning it was good, by 10 it was soggy. Also you can get a similar thing at most Mexican juice stores, it's called a "bionico" and usually contains a very thin, sweet, yoghurt topping, granola, various fruit, coconut, raisins. The one sold at the Studio City FM is my favourite but a close second is the "Yogur" at Brianna's Fruit Salads on Ball and State College in Anaheim, followed by the bionico at the place on Van Nuys Blvd., two doors north of Victory, on the west side of the street. You can also get bionicos at any full-service Vallarta, at the juice/yoghurt/crema bar.

          1. Kind of along the lines of the post about the Irvine FM, there is a guy at the downtown LA Farmers Market - Wednesdays in downtown LA, on south side of 5th St. between Flower and Grand. The granola guy is at at the end of the row almost at Grand. REALLY great granola.

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              I called Mrs Ubergeek to ask her to read the label on the granola.

              It's from Sconeage Bakery,

              Sunday at Los Alamitos and Pacific Palisades, Tuesday at Culver City, Friday at downtown Long Beach and Huntington Beach, Saturday at Cerritos and Irvine, and 1st and 3rd Saturday at Pasadena. Or, you can order online.

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                I agree wholeheartedly- I bought some granola from sconeage after I sampled some at the Irvine FM. Best ever. I don't live in Irvine anymore so I'll have to check the FMs around here to see if they have it. The granola w/ fruit is $7.50 which is what I got. I thought it was a little pricey (I am a college student :p) but it really is great stuff.