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Aug 5, 2007 12:22 PM

International buffet in Quincy is now China Pearl!

This just seemed to have happened out of the blue. Popped in today and they claim they are under the same owners of China Pearl in Chinatown. From 9 - 3 they will have a buffet section and a Dim Sum section of the restaurant. The Dim Sum is the traditional style with the push carts and all. 3pm to closing they will serve a regular dinner menu.

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  1. Wow, I don't know what to say! I guess TC's cellphone pic of me eating king crab legs is now a collectors' item!
    OTOH, I guess dim sum on the south shore is probably needed.....

    1. So the parking lot that is already a nightmare from the flow of Kam Man customers will only get worse. Sorry, that's the first thing that came to mind when I heard the news. Read about this in the Chinese newspapers a little while ago. Glad to have closer dim sum with any parking option though.

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        Oh, come on, the parking isn't that bad. At least you CAN park ~ and it's free. You just have to walk a distance across the parking lot :-) With China Pearl in place it remains to see what happens but, I'll give you a hint, I've always found parking plentyfull left and behind China Pearl.

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          Hohoho...not anymore. ;-) That's what we used to do, but as more word gets out on China Pearl I don't think even those spots will be left open by the lazy Kam Man customers (my parents being some of the biggest offenders).

          I wonder if they offer all the same dishes. I really liked the special items that China Pearl offered that usually didn't circulate in the carts. There are also certain dim sum they'll make only on weekends and usually just during the high volume weekend 11-1 crowd.

      2. I wonder if it will improve then. I had an absolutely gross meal there about 2 weeks ago, and vowed never to go back. Friends of mine went there last weekend for lunch, and got food, sat down and the dumplings on the plate were covered with black hair. They just got up and walked out.

        Let us know if you go back and it's changed, because I'd certainly love a Chinatown-style Dim Sum in Quincy.

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          I had a not so good meal myself around that time. Maybe they didn't care as they were on their way out. Anyway I did drop by to get the details and it did seem much cleaner inside and the food in the buffet seemed fresh. Not so sure I'll do the buffet but, I will report on the Dim Sum when I try it.