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Aug 5, 2007 12:08 PM

Lunch In Baltimore (Fells Point/Canton Area)

We are three male OAP's (Old Age Pensioners) coming to Baltimore City to visit the Maryland Historical Society, The Civil War Museum (President Street Station) and the Fells Point Maritime Museum. We will be in the Fells Point/Canton area around lunch time. Would someone recommend a nice restaurant for the three of use to stop and have lunch (not a “Mickey D’s” not a Charleston either). A nice sit down lunch. Any advice is appreciated.

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  1. If you like crab, consider Bo Brooks on Boston Street on the Canton waterfront.

    1. A good time to see the Civil War Museum, as I believe I recently read that it will be closing soon.

      Right in Fells Point, Duda''s Tavern at Bond and Thames (unless it's Sunday) or Bertha's at Lancaster and Broadway would be decent choices.

      In Canton, Mama's on the Half Shell would be good (I think they're open for lunch, although I'm not positive).

      I wouldn't recommend Bo Brooks unless you wanted to eat just steamed crabs.

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      1. re: Hal Laurent

        Thanks for the suggestions. I'll give my colleagues their choice....I like the Mama's recomendation but I only count for one third :-)

        1. re: Roundwood

          Duda's and Mama's are solid. I'm not as keen on Bertha's but I haven't eaten there in years. The Lebanese Taverna, very close to the Civil War Museum, and Meze in Fells Point are great for small Lebanese and Greek plates respectively.

          1. re: ko1

            I don't believe Mezze is open for lunch.

            1. re: Hal Laurent

              I believe you are right Hal. The Lebanese Taverna is open from noon to 3 for lunch (I checked on-line. Thanks all for the suggestions.

              1. re: Hal Laurent

                My bad. I could have sworn they started doing lunch last year.

                1. re: ko1

                  If they did, they neglected to update their website. :-)

              2. re: ko1

                It would be Bertha's for me...all the way! Was there a few weeks ago. I get a big bowl of mussels with garlic butter...and a glass of pino....yumo.

          2. You may also like One-Eyed Mike's, also in Fells Point. But, definitely agree that Duda's is a great choice. I like Lebanese Taverna very much, but it's part of a regional chain, so you won't get such a real taste of the city there.

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            1. re: baltoellen

              John Stevens LTD on the corner of Ann St and Thames St (in Fells Point)
              and my own fave in Canton, birches

            2. Just to warn you, it looks as if the Civil War Museum has already closed. I went down to the place yesterday at 11:00, and the doors were locked and the lights off. I tried calling the number, and it's been disconnected.

              1. I've been following this thread since my brother Lurker W. has now informed me that in addition to breakfast (which will probably be at the Blue Moon Grille -- thanks to everyone who responded to my query), I am to treat him to lunch on Saturday as well (OK, he is buying me dinner the previous night at Charleston).

                I had been thinking about John Steven, yet another old favorite, but Googling divulged some very recent reviews on Citysearch indicating that the place has changed hands and now, for lack of a better word, blows. Prices up, quality and portion sizes down. Take that as a serious downhill alert.

                So it's looks like Duda's for us. Thanks again everyone!

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                1. re: Bob W

                  DO NOT GO to John Stevens, there are posts on here from myself and others. The place changed hands and went down, down hill. I was there a month ago and have decided to avoid their kitchen until someone else can claim they've stepped back up. Save your hard earned dollars and try One Eyed Mikes or the Waterfront - has a very reasonably priced menu and the food was surprisingly good, well plated and tasty! Def will go back and check out more offerings.