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Aug 5, 2007 11:53 AM

100 hungry wedding guests

Hey all,

I've got a wedding full of people coming into town Friday & staying through Sunday.

Guests are quartered at the Talbott (Gold Coast), Lincoln Park Days Inn (Diversey & Clark) & Chicago Hilton (900 S. Michigan) and I wanted to give them a nice range of restaurants/bars - these are neighborhoods that I'm not too familiar with. I know that there's a ton of stuff around all three, I'm just not sure which is best.

We've got everything from college friends prone to misbehaving to old ladies prone to complaining about everything, so any and all suggestions welcome.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. There are a lot of options around the Days Inn. Friday night, the Duke of Perth (a Scots pub two blocks N of Diversey on Clark) has a terrific fish and chips special. Nice place, gets loud. Right next door to the hotel is the Oyster Shell, a real old-timey underground bar with crab legs and other seafood. This is for the college friends, though. It's crowded, hot and incredibly loud on weekends, and they more or less throw the food at you. Good food, though.

    Around the corner on Clark is La Creperie, which the old ladies will probably like. Pretty good value too; they have a 3-course crepe dinner for under $20.

    A bit further north, there's very good Chinese at Yen's on Clark. Their homemade dipping sauce for dumplings is incredible. A lot more going on here than at traditional Chinese.

    There's a nice little Mexican place next door to Yen's, nothing special, and a couple of so-so sushi places.

    Just south of Diversey on Clark is Hai Yen, semi-upscale Vietnamese in a bistro environment. Very nice, good service, sorta expensive since you can get the same food on Argyle for less, but I recommend it.

    Down at Fullerton and Clark, I like Hema's Kitchen for Indian food, arguably the best in the city, although the service and atmosphere are...sketchy. Emilio's, across the street, is a really decent tapas place.

    If your guests walk north on Broadway, there are literally dozens of small cafes, sushi, noodles, Korean, and Japanese restaurants. Way too many to list.

    Hope that helps.

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      Two quick notes Pete. I think you meant the Half Shell on Diversey. And La Creperie hasn't been doing the 3-course deal for years now. It's a la carte on all crepes.