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Aug 5, 2007 11:45 AM

Smoked Eel?

Does anyone know where to buy freshwater smoked eel? My husband remembers it fondly from his native Poland. Spread on good crusty bread for breakfast after a night of vodka, mmmmm. Anyway would love to find a place on the eastside but I am wiling to drive. Cheers!

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  1. the fish shops in A'dam have it - so unbelievably good. There is nothing I have ever seen anywhere in LA though Jon's markets often has smoked fish of various and changing ilk.
    Also the Russian delis in Weho, I would give Tatiana's a try (Hayvenhurt/SM blvd, also best price on queso manchego in LA, who would dhave thought?) There are lots of smoked fishes there.

    The fancier fish shops in Holland had stuff of a quality I would never expect to find in the US, though. In fact, if you seem my little pic (avatar) attached to the profile - it is me eating a whole herring at a fish shop near Groningen!

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      Alpine Village Meat Market has it in the case across from the actual meat counter. I believe it is on the right side. Quite nice and an excellent remedy for a hangover.

      1. re: Paliman

        This must be like a little booze will make you feel better if a lot of booze poisoned you...because if you are feeling eel you just need a little eel to make you okay again...

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