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Aug 5, 2007 10:06 AM

Buying chanterelles in DC?


I'm looking to buy fresh, preferably not extremely expensive chanterelles. Does anyone know where to do this in the Washington DC area?


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  1. The farmer's market in Penn Qtr on Thursdays has a lady selling all sorts of fresh mushrooms, i'm not sure if she specifically carries chanterelles.

    1. There is also a mushroom table at the Dupont Circle Farmer's Market. I've never actually bought any from them so I don't know the price but they always have a number of varities and possibly chaterelles.

      I'm pretty sure I've also seen them at the Logan Circle Whole Foods before...but that might fall under the category of expensive since everything there is $$$$!

      1. At Eastern Market on Capital Hill:
        Joanne Jung at Paik Produce has them, although now she has a more limited selection of mushrooms until later in August when the South Hall vendors can move into the temporary East Hall where they'll operate until the historic Eastern Market is restored and reopened in 2009. I think I saw chanterelles last week at her stall under the shed on 7th Street. Ask her because she keeps some things in ice chests. Joanne's open Tuesdays through Sundays.
        On Saturdays, Dan Donahue of Agora Farms often has them at his stall on 7th Street at C St, along with several other types of fresh mushrooms. Really good prices.

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          Try Han Ahn Reum or Hmart, or Lotte World. All the large Korean grocery stores carry an amazing variety of mushrooms. They are always fresh and inexpensive. They are located in No. Va. and Silver Spring.

        2. hi,. so you r looking to buy fresh chantrelle. i live in pacific northwest oregon coast. i can pick and ship same day most days. but always within 24hrs. if you are interested please shoot me a e-mail back and we can discuss detail's
          thanks chucky e-mail at:

          1. Saw chanterelles at Wegmans in Fairfax last night (plus morels and lots of other gourmet-type mushrooms). Not inexpensive, but they looked great!