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Aug 5, 2007 09:16 AM

Absolutely Amazing Waffles in Chicago

Hello, I'm searching for some absolutely amazing waffles in the greater Chicago land area. So far, I have come up with The Green Bay Cafe in Winnetka in the North Burbs, and Yolk in the South Loop, also Orange in the SoLo has good ones too. Anyone else know of good locations for waffles?

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  1. Baladoche in Lincoln Park for Belgian zucher waffles (with caramelized pearl sugar).

    You also might try Walker Brothers Original Pancake House, with locations in Wilmette, Glenview, Highland Park, Arlington Heights, Lake Zurich, and Lincolnshire. Everything there is absolutely top quality: the pancakes, the omelets, the coffee, everything. I've never tried their waffles, though - I usually get their sinfully/cinnamonfully wonderful apple pancake, or their giant German pancake.

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      Baladoche is not that good, skip it if you like traditional waffles. These waffles are chewy, there are a ton of other places to go for great waffles....Bongo Room is delicious!!!

      1. re: sleopold

        I think Baladoche is wonderful! These are not your traditional waffles, and they are not supposed to be. They are zucher-style Belgian waffles, with pearls of sugar in them that caramelize as they cook. They are *supposed* to be chewy, due to their sugar content. I think they're great. If you've never had them, try them!

        2905 N Clark Street
        Chicago, Illinois 60657

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          Have to agree with nsxtasy..the chewy are great with the gelato they serve. I had a chewy one today with the cappuchino icecream and was very happy. They are warm chewy/doughy inside but I like them. They also offer crispier waffles too. They also have European nutella to go with them which is better than what you can get at your local grocery. I wish they had fresh strawberries and vanilla gelato then I'd be there alot more.

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            I too have to agree w/ nsxtasy -- I love Baladoche! No, they're not at all like the typical breakfast waffle . . . they're more of a snack that you eat while walking. But the flavor is wonderful and there's nothing else really like it in Chicago (although Whole Foods sometimes sells a mediocre version).

    2. how about the four seasons hotel's restaurant, seasons? . their waffles are legendary.

      1. Wow, three comments and nobody's mentioned Ann Sather? That would be my choice, for sure.