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Aug 5, 2007 08:14 AM

Seeking great food near Brewster NY

Looking for a great restaurant near Brewster NY--seasonal fare, local fish, un-gussied up, simple and delicious!

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    1. RRaci's (not a misspelling) Route 6 Brewster just before the Danbury border.

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      1. re: docooker

        Don't know RRaci's--what's it like? what's good there? Thanks!

        1. re: milltowngirl

          milltowngirl... High end Italian-Continental. Im speaking of quality of food,service and ambience. Ive recommended it to three friends so far and they all enjoyed it very much. I think that the costs are reasonable considering the quality. Good bar, nice wines.

      2. 121 is not too far from Brewster and worth the trip.