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Aug 5, 2007 08:13 AM

seeking great food near New Milford CT

Looking for a great restaurant not too far from New Milford CT, w/ seasonal food, local fish, not gussied up, fresh and delicious!

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  1. I haven't been there, but The White Peach in Gaylordsville (just up the road from New Milford) was favorably reviewed by the New York Times recently. You can check out their website, too.

    If you care for casual Italian, I had a lovely lunch at the new Lucia on Bank St. in New Milford--delicious panini and top-notch fried calamari.

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      Milltown, you must try the White Peach. The food is fresh, local, organic and the chef puts together some amazing dishes. The atmosphere is cozy and casual yet elegant. It is ten minutes north of the bridge and you won't be disappointed.

    2. If you;re into BBQ, try the Cookhouse right in New Milford - none better!

      1. not sure if you're still looking.. but Adrienne just north of the center of town (on Route 7) is FANTASTIC. Always something good on the menu! :)

        1. May want to post in Tri-state Board for Fairfield County areas--may get more responses, even though it is Litchfield County, it's closeby.

          1. Had lunch at the White Peach on Sunday.The food was excellent and as a
            special treat they had a piano player.One of the few organic only chefs in CT.
            A must try!

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              FYI Emory, if you loved the experience, add your name to the mailing list. Email to be added to their mailing list, there is always something going on there, whether the piano player or special events like the champagne dinner or the valentines day Chocolate sampling. Many festive/ethnic celebrations as well. Give it a try!