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Aug 5, 2007 07:05 AM

Restaurant Week Top Ten

It is here again, which means fifteen restaurants in the next two weeks, who tops your list of "must go to" restaurants at 33.07? what restaurants shine at the oppertunity to serve great cuisine at a great price... and which restaurants just take the lazy way out anmd serve sub par cuisine to their normal standard. let the week begin!!

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  1. I have had very good experiences at Sorellina, Excelsior, Davios's, Upstairs on the Square and Ariadne. Locke-Ober and Hamersley's Bistro also were great but unfortunately haven't done RW for the last couple of years. Ruth's Chris was an unpleasant experience due to a surly server. The menu choices and food were excellent. Stanhope Grill at Jury's was okay but in all fairness they were quite new when we went. I haven't really had any totally bad experiences. All of the menus have
    had good and varied choices.

    1. If I had to pick, the top three where we've always enjoyed consistently good RW meals are Taranta, Grotto, and Davio's.

      1. I'm hitting Taranta and Rialto this year, both for the first time.

        Have had good-to-great RW experiences at Mistral, Sorellina and Tremont 647, plus "meh" ones at The Blue Room and Icarus.

        1. Just went to Marco last night for RW - excellent and lots of choices - I usually try to avoid to the North End (not into "American Italian" cuisine) but it was a lovely meal. Mario Batali would eat there.

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            I don't think of the North End as being mostly "American Italian" these days at all. Tarranta, Prezza, Bricco, Carmen, Lucca, Terramia, Mama Maria, lots of northern Italian in there. I'll be trying Marco next week and while there are a fair amount of choices, they seem fairly basic.

            1. re: Joanie

              I didn't love Marco last year. I hope you do better than we did! Will be interested to hear your experience.