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Aug 5, 2007 05:53 AM

Where to eat in Richardson?

Will be there over the weekend of Aug 24 and would like to know the best places. My sister and I love all food and don't care about costs for our weekends together. How was the dim sum at Maxim's? Stick to the "ethnics" or seafood as we both cook steak and lamb at home. Thanks in advance for any advice.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Sushi Sake would be a must try. Despite the generic name it is widely considered the best place for sushi in Dallas.

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        Sushi Sake still has great quality fish, but since there two head chefs left (one to Masami and the other to Awaji) the service from the sushi bar is very hit or miss. Masami is on the Southwest Corner of Beltline and 75, tucked in around from the TJ Maxx. The head chef from Sushi Sake has taken over this place and re-open on June 11 and it is just as good as Sushi Sake. If you are looking for some authentic Japanese dishes, just ask for the Japanese menu and you will be rewarded.

        1. re: BBQKING

          What are the prices like at Masami as compared to Sushi Sake?

          1. re: jaime24g

            about $5-$6 for two nigiri, don't know about Sushi Sake's prices. So it's a bit pricier than some places, but worth it. The tear roll is only $3 ;)

      2. Where are you coming from? That might help with the recommendations.

        The Belt Line/Greenville area in Richardson has one the largest concentrations of Asian restaurants in DFW.

        For dim sum, Maxim's or Kirin Court. Kirin Court has nicer atmosphere but both restaurants have their strengths (depends on the dish, if you can name a favorite, I can maybe suggest one over the other).

        Jeng Chi in the Chinatown shopping center is the closest thing Dallas has to a dumpling house. Decent boiled dumplings and noodle dishes.

        First Chinese BBQ in that area has good Cantonese. BBQ pork & duck are consistently awesome. I also like the beef flat noodle, cod in black bean sauce, and shrimp stuffed tofu.

        Genroku is a sushi bar/restaurant. The sushi is cheap but not great. I would recommend ordering off of the Taiwanese side of the menu. If you're adventurous, you can try beef with bitter melon. I also like the braised eggplant hot pot.

        On Beltline on the otherside (westside) of US-75 is a large Indian shopping center that has quite a few restaurants.

        One of my Iranian friends sticks to that Kasra ( in Richardson is her favorite Persian restaurant.

        Also agree with the above recommendation for Sushi Sake. Pricey, but excellent sushi.

        1. I'm gonna add on to the other suggestions. For good middle eastern, I like Arfah bakery on Beltline East of 75. Good falafal and hummus.

          I just noticed a new Ethiopian place opened west of 75 on Beltline on the other side of Palomino buffet. Anyone up for trying?

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          1. re: simply_victoria

            Always up for trying new things. (Sorry I couldn't make it this morning-- pounding headache).

            I'll also add the suggestions of Bistro B for Viet in Garland, Pasand for Indian at Campbell and Coit, New San Dor for Chinese in Plano at Legacy and 75

            1. re: simply_victoria

              I visited Arfah today for lunch as it's close to my office. I must say, I've added to my best bang for the buck lunches in town with the PHO joints. I had the lunch special which consisted of a large bowl of Fatoush, a bowl of lentil soup, and a Chicken Swarma Pita Sandwich, and a piece of Baklava all for $6. The food was great even for the price.

              1. re: J.R.

                Shhhh! Keep Afrah Pastries under your hat. I love that place and I always get the same thing (lamb kebab plate) because I like it so much and I'm afraid if I try something else, I might be disappointed. Gotta love the hot out of the oven pita.

              2. re: simply_victoria

                Afrah is DELICIOUS!! They do have the best hummus and falafel. Their portions are great - and even better for the prices. Their lunch buffet is also good - a great way to try out pretty much everything!

              3. Most of our favorite restaurants have been mentioned. The only addition is:
                Ali Baba Express on Richardson (a couple of blocks east of 75 on Campbell)--better hummus than Afrah's.

                Also, Genroku's (Japanese) bento boxes are highly recommended.
                Afrah's baklava is the best in town IMO.

                I'm up for trying the new Ethiopian place. Do you want to go with us, simply_victoria?

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                1. re: kuidaore

                  Genroku's bentos are definitely good. You could also give Ajisen's bento's a shot as well, I particularly like their eel bento.

                  1. re: kuidaore

                    I'm with you about Ali Baba. FYI they just moved to a new, larger location north of Campbell on the SB service road of 75 next to AMF and Cafe Brazil. I love Genroku Tonkatsu Bento (fried pork chop) and Afrah is the bomb on their cheese pie and their gelato. Do not miss it if you go there for a pastry, a smoke, or to get your CHOW on.