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Aug 4, 2007 11:49 PM

Dress code Nicholas Middletown?

Can someone please tell me what is the dress code? Please be specific. I dont know what "business casual" or "upscale casual" or "casual but neat" means.

Also, do they keep the temp chilly with a/c on full blast?

A friend of mine wants to take his SO and as he never heard of Nicholas he was full of questions for which I had few answers. Even their website is a bit outdated.

Thank you

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  1. I was there recently and 98% of the men had on jackets and ties.

    1. Two weeks ago some men wore jackets, some just shirts, and very few men wore ties. Room was comfortable not too chilly.

      1. Thanks for the responses. It's greatly appreciated.

        What were the women wearing?

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        1. re: tom porc

          Women looked fairly chic---heels, skirts, dresses, pants

        2. Went there few months ago....Men were mostly in dress shirts, women chic styles nice dresses etc must tell you food was great!!!

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          1. re: totoybr1

            I was there last week and someone walked wearing a pair of shorts! I usually wear a suit unless I'm dining in the bar and in that case even jeans are acceptable.