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Aug 4, 2007 10:24 PM

Nantucket August 2007

What's good this year?
Straight Wharf?
Company of the Cauldron?
21 Federal?
and what are entree $ at above
Any must haves/must not misses?
Is the Pearl less impressive to those of us west coast exposed?
Is the Chanticleer casting shadows of its former self? (how is berruet doing in FL?)
and lastly what's taken the place of Fahey and Fromage for wine and fine foods?

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  1. I'd add The Boarding House and Black Eyed Susan's to my list.
    What is the word on Straight Wharf with the new owners?

    1. Add Boarding House and Languedoc - still one of my faves year in and out - to the list.
      21 Federal seems to be bouncing back. Company of the Cauldron still wonderful too.
      Chanticleer is now more bistro fare, but at old prices. Speaking of which, prices everywhere are definitely NY prices.
      Fahey & Fromagerie is now owned by Sfoglia with wine for sale. Note, parking is a pain since you can no longer park across the street.