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Aug 4, 2007 09:51 PM

Need to find a very nice restaurant in the Norwalk area

I will be gettiing married on December 14th and will be having a very small ceremony. My future wife and I will be getting married by court and would like to take our immediate family to a nice dinner after the ceremony. We would love to taket them to our favorite restaurant " Cafe Del Rey " but it is just to far away from the court house and it will be on a friday, so I was thinking maybe some of you guys can help us and reccomend us a nice place somewhere around or just the a nice place that will not take us 2 hours to get to on a friday. My only request is no seafood restaurant. All your responses would be very helpful.

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  1. Very nice? That sounds to me like a kind of place that could be $$$ and up. I do not know of one near the court house but there must be something of that sort with the court all those county offices nearby. Nevertheless, my rec is for an old standby traditional steakhouse just off the 5 freeway at Valley View and located on Firestone Blvd. – The North Woods Inn. Very good steaks and reasonable prices ($25 to $35 each including salads, cheese bread, rice and potato). Check the link below and then click on the menu.

    I would also point out that although Norwalk itself may not have a large number of “very nice” places, it is IMO better situated than any other city for access to L.A. & O.C. The 5 and 605 freeways will connect you to almost every other freeway in the two counties within a thirty minute drive north, south, east and west. You might be able to drive to any location between Disneyland, SGV, and West L.A. within 45 min.

    North Woods Inn
    14305 Firestone Blvd.
    La Mirada, CA
    (714) 739-0331

    1. Le Chef on Firestone in Downey. Had dinner there two weeks ago and it was very tasty and exceptional value. The bananas flambe were perfect. The owner prepares them tableside. The desert was $6.00. I think I paid $21.00 at Brennan's at Downtown Disney for the same exact desert, but the ice cream at Brennan's was melted. I'd say it was 1/2 the cost for the same menu on the Westside. They also have a nice private dining room with a glass sliding door.

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        Is this the restaurant you are referring to?

        Le Chef - French Cuisine & Cocktails
        8724 Garfield Ave #101
        South Gate, CA 90280
        Phone: (562)776-6067

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          Yes! Thanks for the correction. It is located in the El Paseo Mall behind the theatres. I thought it was Firestone that I exited from the 710 FWY. I thought I was in Downey. DOH!!!

          The Dal Rae is also an excellent suggestion. Try the hearts of romaine salad that is only on the dinner menu. (They will serve it at lunch, but for some reason it's not on the lunch menu.) They will serve it for lunch. The oil & Bleu cheese dressing is killer. Don't forget the anchovies - by meal time she'll already be your wife. Congratulations!

      2. You can't tell from the outside but Bruce's Prime Rib would be good. Our company Christmas party is there every year. Bruce will probably even do a special menu at set prices for you and they have a private room. I recommend the champagne chicken, like piccata but better.

        On Imperial Highway, can't recall the cross street.

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          Duh I just thought of Dal Rae in Pico Rivera, about 10-15 minutes from Norwalk Court. This would be better and fancier.

        2. I work in this area, so I've blanketed the area's restaurants taking co-workers out for anniversary lunches and retirement lunches. The best in the area BY FAR is Dal Rae in Pico Rivera. It's a very good, reliable restaurant with good service, classic food, and good drinks. This would be the first choice by a mile, in my book.

          Northwoods Inn is nowhere close to Dal Rae. This is a Sizzler with a rustic/kitschy interior, bigger portions, peanuts on the floor, and cheese bread that is a heart attack waiting to happen. I'm really not a fan of this place. Good for kids, who love the novelty of throwing peanut shells on the floor.

          Seriously, don't mess around, go with Dal Rae.

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            I work in Norwalk too - looking to add to my current lunch rotation of : Golden Triangle, Sushi Max, Senor Baja, Hwang Hae Do, Ambala Dhaba, Pho Pioneer & Little Bean - really missing Renu Nakorn!