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Aug 4, 2007 08:21 PM

Annapolis Royal and Advocate Harbour


I'll be spending almost two weeks in both Annapolis Royal and Advocate Harbour respectively. I would appreciate all recommendations you have, for breakfast, lunch and dinner in a short driving distance of those cities (we have two children.)


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  1. We recently returned from Advocate Harbor a few weeks ago and I have 3 recs. 1st, if you have not already booked, try to get at least 1 night at the Lighthouse at Cape D'Or. It's a spectacular spot. You can also have lunch or dinner there and Darcy Snell the chef and owner can cook his tail off. The scallop and pasta dish was memorable.They now have a liquor license too. From Advocate Harbour it's a ways on a dirt road and when you get there, you have to walk down another dirt road along a cliff but trust me, it will be worth it.
    Another not to be missed is the Beach Cafe at Spencers Island. (Make reservations: 902-392-2390 Sorry, can't find a website but they are right off Rt. 209) The chef is Australian and his food was outstanding. We had a lunch and a dinner it was so good. We had Chicken rillette and Thai Prawn salad for starters. For mains-Pan fried scallops with Spanish potato fritters, and Lobster bisque. This bisque was unlike any other I've had. It was saffrony in color with potatoes and herbs; intense lobster flavor. Dessert for SO was flourless chocolate cake, he said was delish. I had Strawberry Pavlova which I'd never had before and will be talking about for a long time.
    While you are there, you can go into the little lighthouse and read about the old shipyard (now occupied by a campground.) and the mysterious case of the Mary Celeste.
    Lastly, stop in at the General Store and Antiques next to the Ebb Tide B&B in Port Greville.
    8614 Rt. 209
    The owners Terry and Gayle Shaw are some of the nicest people you'll ever meet. She will give you all sorts of recommendations for the area. Her sister has a restaurant in Parrsboro which we didn't make but your kids might be interested in the Geolocical Museum. Also near Parrsboro is the Joggins Fossil Cliffs where the kids can look for fossils on the beach.In any case, at the Ebb Tide they have all sorts of provisions in the store along with pastries, homemade jams, pickles etc.

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      Spot on! I ate at every place you mentioned and all had some of the best food I have ever eaten. The Beach Cafe on Spencer's Island has some 'behind the counter' hot sauce that you have to ask for, but it is awesome. We had breakfast at the Harborlite for 5 mornings. Laverne hooked us up big time. What great area!

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        Just saw your reply. Glad you enjoyed your stay. Chowhound has never failed me for vacation planning. Agreed; beautiful area, beautiful people.

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          thanks for pointing these out, i live within an hour or so of these places but never knew of them! Will definitly try sometime. Only place i've ever eaten down that way was the HarborView down in Parrsboro. Went kayaking this past summer in Advocate and it is a beautiful little place but i didn't see any restaurants down there, just a little cornerstore with a couple of tables for subs and stuff.

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            We had an awful meal at the HarborView. Several folks we spoke to mentioned it while we were there, but it was terrible! The service was a joke. We waited 20 minutes (yes 20!) for someone to even come and get us drinks, and it wasn't even crowded. I ordered the scallops and fries, errr, 4 scallops?!? I should have gotten two orders of the scallop apps. This place is overhyped and a must miss!

            Speaking of miss, I do miss Advocate Harbour (and Annapolis Royal). What a special place Nova Scotia is.

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              it can be hit or miss perhaps. I had the flounder and chips there this past summer and it were very good ! I also hear people talk about the clams there, but i'm not a fan of clams. I think the area is known for clams actually..the five island variety. Odd about the scallops....normally their portions are massive.

    2. I know this is a little late to be useful to you, but it might be helpful for people in future. The awesome chef from the Beach Cafe at Spencer's Island has moved to the restaurant down at Cape D'or Lighthouse - making an already amazing eating experience even better. Don't let the walk down the hill scare you off - the owner seems to be pretty happy to drive people who can't make the return walk up the hill.

      When we were there the kitchen had made the most delicious ginger beer - the perfect afternoon tipple to have with the breathtaking views.

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        So, did that chef buy the lighthouse? Is Darcy Snell no longer there? Who's cooking at the beach Cafe? Just wondering.

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          Hi there, Darcy is back at the lighthouse as the chef from Australia is now starting his own restaurant right in Advocate Harbour. The Beach Cafe is still OK, but not great as when Andrew was there (from Australia). So you have to come back and check it all out - some great food on the kayak tours with NovaShores Adventures in Advocate Harbour also!

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            I'm so there this summer. Thanks for the update.