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Louisville Cafe Metro Report

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Four of us drove down from Bloomington to have dinner at this nostalgic favorite (first dined there 26 years ago, just after they opened). We were not disappointed. I had the best, IMO, dishes: Onion tart with a smoked tomato creme fraiche sauce, pompano on grits with a reduced coconut milk sauce. wonderful, wonderful. The cheese soup one of my dining partners had was delicious (although in the 95 degree heat, I would not have ordered this). My DH had the shrimp w/country ham on a bed of grits -- very nice. All of the desserts were first-rate, and the service was friendly and smooth. We'll return. Cafe Metro remains one of our favorite restaurants in the midwest.

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  1. Thanks, Pika - I am going to Louisville tomorrow as it happens.

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      Don't miss Proof on Main--it's absolutely wonderful! See this thread for my report:


      Link: http://www.mexicocooks.typepad.com

    2. Louisville, suprisingly, has great restaurants.. its grown up since I moved here 9 yrs ago

      1. Hope you have some good food while there. We also enjoyed a visit to the Speed Museum. Haven't been in many years, and it was much more interesting than we remembered.