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Aug 4, 2007 08:06 PM

Louisville Cafe Metro Report

Four of us drove down from Bloomington to have dinner at this nostalgic favorite (first dined there 26 years ago, just after they opened). We were not disappointed. I had the best, IMO, dishes: Onion tart with a smoked tomato creme fraiche sauce, pompano on grits with a reduced coconut milk sauce. wonderful, wonderful. The cheese soup one of my dining partners had was delicious (although in the 95 degree heat, I would not have ordered this). My DH had the shrimp w/country ham on a bed of grits -- very nice. All of the desserts were first-rate, and the service was friendly and smooth. We'll return. Cafe Metro remains one of our favorite restaurants in the midwest.

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  1. Thanks, Pika - I am going to Louisville tomorrow as it happens.

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      Don't miss Proof on Main--it's absolutely wonderful! See this thread for my report:


    2. Louisville, suprisingly, has great restaurants.. its grown up since I moved here 9 yrs ago

      1. Hope you have some good food while there. We also enjoyed a visit to the Speed Museum. Haven't been in many years, and it was much more interesting than we remembered.