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Aug 4, 2007 08:03 PM

Where oh where to find good cassoulet in T.O?

I used to enjoy chef Steinberg's version of cassoulet at the late great JOV. Aside from hopping a plane to France for the real thing, does anyone know of a good Toronto place for cassoulet?

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  1. ...I very much enjoyed it for lunch at Thuet last fall...

    1. I haven't been yet myself but I've heard Batifole offers good cassoulet.

      744 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON M4M1Y3, CA

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      1. re: JamieK

        I'll second the batifole cassoulet.

      2. I had it at Thuet & Le Select. Both were good.

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        1. re: ace123

          I always enjoyed the cassoulet at the Paradis Bistro on Bedford. However, I have not been there lately.

          1. re: ace123

            I had the cassoulet at Le Select a few months back. Kinda flavourless and overcooked. Bzzzzt. Next!

            1. re: estragon

              Batifole has an excellent cassoulet.
              As good if not better than anything in France.
              They often use duck confrit in it.

              1. re: erly

                Batifole's cassoulet is outright terrible. A dry pile of beans with a few scraps of duck and sausage for which they charge $26 or something. It is by far the worst cassoulet I've ever had.

                1. re: wordsworth

                  their cassoulet is awful.

                  far too tomatoe-y there was no cohesion in flavours and the balance was all wrong. the meat was very dried out and quite expensive for their usual menu pricing.

                  love batifole otherwise.

              2. re: estragon

                In my opinion, quite a few things at le Select have gone downhill since they left their Queen Street West location.

                1. re: ekammin

                  ...I agree, the new location is great looking, but I've never eaten anything memorable there...

                  1. re: Recyclor

                    My review was a bit too glowing.
                    Meant to write as good as and sometimes better.....
                    I am sorry that you didn't enjoy your meal.
                    I have had it twice there and both times it was abundant, with a leg of duck, (not pieces) and quite a delicious blending of flavours .
                    As for price, it is very reasonable.
                    I was just complaining about another resto. that charged $25. for 1/4 of a plain pan fried trout, so $26. for cassoulet is a bargain.

            2. Hart House Gallery Grill had an excellent cassoulet on the menu this past winter. Went back for it on three separate occasions and it was excellent each time.

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              1. re: sloweater

                Sloweater beat me to the punch and I second the recommendation of Hart House. I thoroughly enjoyed their casoulet several times last winter...hopefully it will resurface again in a few months once the weather turns chilly.

              2. I remember walking past Savoy Bistro and seeing it on the menu there some time back. But I can't say for sure if it is still there.