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Aug 4, 2007 07:45 PM

Good tortillas

I bought a package of tortillas today at a combination Mexican restaurant and tortilleria called "Can-I-Mex". While they do contain preservatives, they were the most authentic tasting ones I have ever found outside of Mexico.

"Can-I-Mex" is not in Toronto, however, but in Hamilton, on James Street North. All Mexican food lovers who find themselves in the vicinity should definitely try them.

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  1. ...sounds like you know more about it than I would, check out the front table at Perolas in Kensington, they have a bunch of different ones available, maybe one would suit you...or, it looks as though Davedigger will be turning them out soon!

    1. The only ones without preservatives I've found in Toronto are at the north end of SLM.

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        Darn it, I missed that yesteday. Do you remember the name or brand?

        1. re: itryalot

          Nah, it's this guy,he sells salsas, guacamole, chips...and the aforementioned preservative-free tortillas. You can't miss him when you walk into the north market.

          The tortillas freeze really well too.