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Aug 4, 2007 07:09 PM

Need large group recommendations for Albuquerque, Durango, and Pagosa Springs

Hi all,

I'm leading a tour group through the area in the fall and there are a couple of nights when we are not providing dinner and letting the patrons run amok through town, I'd love some ideas for places to steer them that are good reflections of local/regional cuisine, are moderately priced and can handle fairly large groups -- I doubt the whole crew of 75 of them will end up in the same place all at once, but they will likely be foraging in packs. Here are some details:

In ABQ we are staying in Old Town and have a fairly narrow dinner window (1.5 hours) so I think pretty casual places where reservations are not required and that can serve quickly would be good.

In Durango we have 2 nights when patrons will be on their own for dinner and we will be staying right downtown. We also will be there in the middle of Oktoberfest, so I'm a little concerned that things might be crowded.

In Pagosa we are staying at the Springs Resort, so places within walking distance would be great.

Some of our folks may want to go our for fancy dinner, and others will be looking for local "joints". They won't want to dress up, and they will want good beer, wine and tequila offerings. They're a fun crowd from all over the world,

Thanks so much in advance -- can't wait to sample some of the local chow!!

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  1. I can't think of anywhere near Old Town in ABQ that might suit.

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      But if you could find a way to get them to the Frontier, at the corner of Central (Rte 66) and Cornell across the street from UNM, that would be authentic, speedy and extra-tasty.

    2. How will they get to restaurants in ABQ? That makes a difference.

      In Old Town, these places will handle a few to larger numbers, not all will handle 75. La Crepe Michel is good for french; Seasons Rotisserie & Grill is a bit more upscale and has music [can handle decent # of people] ; Ambrozia Cafe on nearby Rio Grande is eclectic; Duran's Central Pharmacy on Central [don't let name fool you, but not sure if they are open for dinner]; Melting Pot for Fondue and Las Placitas for New Mexican in Old Town for info on old town.

      Sadie's on 4th will handle a large number and have the food and beer you are looking for - Frontier has no liquor - legally anyways :) but it will take some method of transportation.

      Not a problem in Durango; lots of places in downtown.
      Carver Brewing and Steamworks are local microbreweries and serve good beer and ok food. For New Mexican - Gazpacho is the best.

      Fancy - Ken & Sue's; Seasons; Ore House; Randy's [prime rib]; Ariano's [italian].

      Hope this helps..

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        Gazpacho on Durango is good, but I don't think they can handle a large pack. The bigger, not-quite-as-good Mexican places on the main drag can probably accommodate a group that size. Ken and Sue's has nice patio that might be able to take a substantial number people -- weather permitting. Also, check the Strater. I think that Steamworkers is larger than Carver's.

        1. re: ClaireWalter

          I am thinking that OP didn't mean that all 75 would be going to one place at once time; if so --they are going to need prearranged reservations for a crowd that size wherever they end up. I think they wanted the names of places they could suggest if tour members asked for restaurants. We'll have to see what OP has to say!

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            No -- they wouldn't all be going at once -- but they might separate out into groups of fifteen or so

            1. re: Fargo

              Even 15 is a pretty big group for a place like Gazpacho. Remember, the students will be back by then, and if it's during golden-aspen season, the town is additionally busy.