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Aug 4, 2007 05:17 PM

Wat Thai Temple- foodcourt closing?


My wife and I had a wonderful lunch up at Wat Thai temple today in North Hollywood. Looks like it might be the last one as we were asked to sign a petition to keep the food court going on the weekends. Seems like the neighbors want to shut it down because of "parking" problems. Not too sure of the details though, although they did say that this might be the last weekend.

Anyone else heard anything? I did a board search but nothing came up.

Needless to say, this would be a tremendous loss for Los Angeles and the temple itself.

    1. re: sku

      I was actually there two weekends ago.. no petition was being presented. I assume that with the onsight parking that they have it (as tiny as it is ) the show will go on. This is a great fundraiser for the Temple and a petition is that only a petition. Perhaps some one in the area may chime in their thoughts. On a food note. The Paypaya salad was great I waited 30 minutes for those 18 little cocunut sweet pastries to be cooked ( there was an order of 10 in front of mine ) I had two thai teas 1 chicken and 1 sasuage on a skewer and gave a homeless guy my last chip. I ate like a king and had fun too. I even took off my shoes and checked out the temple. Hope thisfood court it carries on!

      1. re: Foodandwine

        I was there that weekend and I waited in line for the kanom krok, too. The lady that had the booth that weekend only had two pans going...there is another group that sometimes has that booth who has several more pans than that so the wait time is minimal.

        She was kind of cranky and asked me why I was ordering so many (I ordered 3 orders) which kind of surprised me, especially considering that I'd placed my order and told her I'd be back later to get it (since there were only two pans, I figured it would take her a while) only to find that when I came back about a half hour later, she hadn't cooked my order. She was also alone, so maybe she was just way overwhelmed.

        At any rate, they rocked. As did the papaya salad and the chicken skewers. For the first time ever, both my son and I threw away our sausage after a couple of just didn't taste good. Ah well.

        1. re: Foodandwine

          If you're jonesing for kanam krok & downtown is closer than the SFV, you can get them at the terrific LAX-C (mostly Thai) Market on Main north of downtown. Same little clouds of sweet coconut heaven.

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        1. If this is so, I am really saddened. There is no place quite like this, and it was always dependable. Their closing will be a real loss to us.

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            1. What timing - this was on my short list of places I have been wanting to try. I guess we'll be going for lunch tomorrow.

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                Normal/FaulknerSauce, did you go and is it closing??

                1. re: Foodandwine

                  They're fighting it-- they had counter-petitions at all the food stalls as well as the token line. Not sure what the status is at the moment.

                  1. re: Foodandwine

                    From what the security guard who was the parking attendant told me, they're looking to hire a lawyer to try and keep it open. He said next weekend would be their last. They were trying to get people to sign a petition to try and keep it open. I hope they succeed.