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Aug 4, 2007 04:30 PM

Brunch in the Scottsdale/Phoenix/Tempe area?

My fiance and I are looking for a place to have our wedding rehearsal "brunch". (Long story on why it's not a rehearsal dinner...)
We were thinking the Phoenician, but they only do brunch on Sundays - our rehearsal is on a Friday. We would like somewhere fairly upscale, we have about 20 people. I was thinking about asking The Breakfast Club if we could rent out the entire place (as it's so small) but that seems like it would cost a fortune. Any suggestions?

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  1. Contact the folks at Coup des Tartes about using their private space "Rendezvous" for your brunch. They'll pretty much do anything for you! And as a bonus, it's BYOB, so you'll save a ton on the champagne!

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      That sounds great!! The website looks very promising. Thank you! I love the BYOB - champagne really adds up. Fantastic!

      1. re: hdvaughan

        I had my wedding reception at Coupe des Tartes/Rendevous this past May, and I was thrilled. The space is gorgeous, everyone raved about the food, and the service was flawless. I was throwing a brunch at my house the next morning, and was very tempted by their menu; all of their platters available to go, as well. They have in-house floral design, photography, and linen rental that save you big bucks along with their corkage policy.

    2. Also check the private dining room at Dick's Hideaway/Richardson's. Easily seats 20 and the brunch items are typical Richardson's SW flair.

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        I've done parties at Richardson's too. For brunch, it's a $250 deposit that goes towards your bill. Brunch items there are less than $15 a head, but the drinks will get you there.

        Totally depends on your crowd and if you're going for more casual/Southwestern or more casual elegance. My vote for a wedding rehersal is Coup des Tartes. The food is fabulous. Give them a call. It's one of my favorite spaces in town.

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            Or the Farm at South Mountain - if you could use Quiessence (sp?) it would be really lovely. Or depending on weather, outdoors on the lawn of Quiessence would be really beautiful.

            Elegant, unique, decent price and because they are not only a restaurant, Santa Barbara catering is located there, so you could probably do any menu you wanted.

      2. You might check with T. Cook at the Royal Palms. It has a limited menu, as I recall, but a lovely place.

        By the way, in my experience, people regard "brunch" differently in Phoenix than elsewhere. It's possible that what is termed "breakfast" might work for you.

        1. a charming place is house of tricks in tempe:

          don't know if it's as upscale as you'd like, but i think it'd make a wonderful wedding rehearsal meal location. good hope!