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Aug 4, 2007 03:01 PM

Cross Country and hungry

I posted this under the title "The "ultimate" of DC/Baltimore/VA", but it was late and i didn't get any replies...either that or no one likes me :) or my questions. Throw me any bones (or rather threads) that might help me out here....

So I am new in town via LA, and I am looking forward to getting the skinny on this board on the "other coast". As silly as superlatives are, there was a bloke in LA who put together an "Ultimate" LA eats list. Based solely on Chowhounders voting, he tallied up the results and shared them. It was based on how many #1 votes the restaurant got. Search for it on the LA board if you are culi-curious.

Alas, I am wondering if anyone has a thread link somewhere to something like this, or if someone has done something similar (that's a lot of 'some's).

I also hope I have not been too spoiled with year-round fresh ingredients.

Because after all, I heart eating. (not to be confused with "i eat hearts")

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  1. I think there've been some threads along the same lines. Definitely more often are the similar type of thread with a specific focus (best seafood, best Peruvian chicken, best ethiopian, soulfood, steakhouse, etc).

    Also, as far as fresh ingredients, there is a good energy around fresh and local - especially in terms of farmer's markets and the like.

    I'm afraid that without spending a ton of time searching or writing a dissertation that I can give you much to go on. Can you give more specifics such as where you live and work, a bit more on what foods you like and dislike, etc? I'm taking LA to mean Los Angeles (there's not a Louisiana specific board). Like the city of angels, you're probably not going to often travel to the opposite end of the metro area.