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Aug 4, 2007 02:43 PM

Where should I eat in Arlington tonight?

I feel like I have been everywhere at least twice. Ho hum.

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  1. That's certainly a broad question. Depends on what you're in the mood for, I suppose. Arlington has some incredible Vietnamese, some of the greatest Latin American chicken, and lots of overall good eats.

    If it's me, I go stand in line at Ray's the Steaks.

    1. We live in Arlington and have a few favorites that maybe you have not been to -- so here goes:

      Layalina -- Lebanese near Wilson Blvd and George Mason
      Nam Viet -- on N. Hudson just off Wilson in Clarendon
      Crystal Thai -- in little shopping center on Rt. 50 at N. 1st Street -- has Ouback Rest in it
      El Paso Cafe -- good family run Mexican place at N. Glebe and Pershing
      El Charito Chiamante -- excellent carry-out Mexican/Salvadorian on Wash Blvd just east of Pershing
      Pasha Cafe -- very good Medit/Middle Eastern on Lee Hwy at Quincy
      Portobellos -- very good American on Lee Hwy near Pasha Cafe
      Baymian -- very good Afgan place on Rt. 7 at Columbia Pike
      Kabab Bazaar -- our favorite kabab place in Wilson in Clarendon
      Sangam -- excellent Indian at Comfort Inn at N. Glebe and Wash Blvd
      Restaurant Vero -- excellent American on Lee Hwy near Lexington St.
      Del Merie Grill -- in highrise bldg on Mt. Vernon Ave in Alexandria
      Willow -- excellent American in Ballston
      Village Bistro -- in same strip as Rays the Steak in Rosslyn -- good casual French bistro
      Pie-Tanza -- very good pizza and salads in Lee-Harrison shopping center on Lee Hwy -- families mostly until after 8pm or so

      Let us know where you went and how it was.


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      1. re: BRL

        Sorry, BRL, but I wouldn't eat at Willow if you were paying and you dragged me in there at gunpoint. Tracy needs to get her act together, which apparently she left back at Kinkaid's.

        Layalina has lost it's touch too. Service is dragging a bit and the food is not as attentive as it was a few years ago. Mamma needs to get back into the kitchen.

        I like Nam Viet and I eat there often, but it wouldn't be in the top 5 at the Eden Center in Falls Church.

        Good list otherwise, except you didn't include Ray's the Steaks.....

        1. re: BigEats

          I love Willow, but we have had this debate before...

      2. Go to Flavors one more time and while you're waiting the 20 minutes for your fried chicken, contemplate on a more specific question.

        Oops, sorry, it's past closing time, I think. Hope you had a good dinner wherever you went.