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Jan 13, 2006 04:48 PM

Talavera Cafe (Berkeley) - what's going on?

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I remember seeing posts on here about their canneles, but I walked by this place (on the corner of Solano and Peralta in Berkeley) today and saw their bakery case was empty with a sign saying "Bakery Coming Soon". Anyone know the story?

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    Robert Lauriston

    Takes forever to get permits etc. in Berkeley.

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      No, this seems more of opening woes. Driving by today I noticed they weren't open yet (just before 5 pm). Stopped by last Saturday and they didn't have the canneles. I had been in the city and had a Bay Bread cannele and was going to do a cannele a cannele taste off. I just don't like those Bay Bread canneles enough. They were exactly how I remembered. The outside is crackly, but to get that the inside dries out. From what I remembered the Talavera was more intensely vanilla flavored.

      1. re: rworange

        I find the Bay Bread canneles inconsistent. I've usually enjoyed lovely custardy insides, but occasionally get a dryer one. Last week my sister and I each had one, at the same time, and hers was terribly overdone, very dry on the inside, while mine was just barely custardy. If I'd had the one she got, and it was my first cannele, I wouldn't try them again.

        I understand these are tricky to make, but they've chosen to take them on, and I don't appreciate a bad batch being put in the case for sale.

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          I've been buying the cannele at Rigolo once a week for several weeks now and they have been consistently custardy inside. I wonder if they have problems with one oven being too hot.

    2. We ate there last Saturday, and the food was quite good, but the place was very disorganized; too fast or two slow; the wrong dishes s brought to the wrong tables; cutlery brought after the food, etc. The woman cook seemed very upset. I hope they get it together; the cooking is good, it's inexpensive, it's a very cute place, and the people are trying really hard. Give them some slack on the canneles for the moment.

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        Woman cook was more than upset when my husband and I ate there--x2. She snarled so much we won't go back.

        Umm, I'm assuming the owner woman's the cook. The blondish one.

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