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Aug 4, 2007 02:19 PM

Too Many Peaches - what should I do?

I bought a bunch of peaches at Costco and they all ripened at the same time - what is your best and easiest peach recipe?

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  1. I'd blanch them, slip the skins off and slice them into a bowl as you work. Then reserve any juices and puree a peach or two to make Bellini's or Peach Margaritas. Then package and freeze the rest for a taste of summer in the winter.

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      Laast year I had a bunch of peaches that were starting to shrivel, so I blended them with some simple syrup, a little citric acid, and a lot of tequila. Then I froze it most of the way in the blender jar, blended it again, added some more tequila, and put it back in the freezer for a little bit. It was so wonderful-tasting I couldn't believe it, and it takes more blended peaches than you'd think to fill up a blender jar. If you add enough tequila (you could use rum, too) it won't freeze solid and you can just buzz it again before you pour and then just store it in the freezer (if there's any left over- I never had that problem, sadly).

    2. How about grilling them. The next time you grill out place them face down on the grill. Their flavor will intensify and they'll get a little caramelized, and they look great with grill marks.
      How about some jam or preserves, a chutney, or cook them down and freeze in freezer bags. When I do that I don't add any water or sugar. I just pit them chunk them up, peel and all, and cook them over a medium-low heat and watch them like a baby. They'll freeze just great.
      The last time I had too much fruit I made a sweet savory sauce, you could make something loosely based on this.

      Just a few thoughts, hope I helped.

      1. I'd probably make a peach crisp or cobbler. Or two. Or three :-) Depending on what you mean by "bunch".

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            Ooh Sharon! Thanks for that link! That looks wonderful. I'm having my husband's family over for a BBQ in a couple of weeks and was thinking of doing a cobbler and this one looks really very special.

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              Let me know how it turns out for you Siv. I made a peach cobbler with this recipe, and it was pretty good even though I probably didn't cook the pastry layers enough. A few years ago my coworker shared some peach cobbler from John's in NJ, and the soft cookie dough consistency reeled me in. If by some miracle you have some leftovers don't hesitate to microwave it a bit because it tastes best warm.

          2. How about peche cardinal? Quicly poached and sinned peaches in a sauce of raspberries smushed through a strainer. OK., "smushed" is not a word, but I'm having a brain fart. The peaches sit in the sauce long enough that they color the peaches. Refrigerate well.

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              Actually, I think smushed is a word in the cooking world.

              I smushed my peas with some butter.
              I smushed my potatoes with some peas.
              I smushed some peaches to make a peach margarita
              I smushed some peaches to feed the baby.

              See, it's a word.


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                  as ripe as they are I would make peach jam/butter out of them. If you are going to
                  make a cobbler you need this recipe(city market peach cobbler) it is on
                  recipezaar. it is the best. even better than my mothers, and hers was great.

                  1. re: bigjimbray

                    Second the peach butter suggestion.