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Aug 4, 2007 02:10 PM

Is there a pocket guide to French wine?

I have the Vino Italiano buying guide (pocket guide) by Joseph Bastianich and David Lynch. I found it very helpful when on vacation in Italy last year.

I was hoping there is something similar for French wines. I know my varietals of the major regions well enough but I am not that famiar with the producers. And I really would like to have more confidence about the smaller regions.

When out in a little village somewhere, I usually ask the waiter for a recommendation of a local wine and that can be exciting too.

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  1. Jacqueline Friedrich's *The Wines of France". Not quite as slim as, say, Johnson's annual guide but pretty compact all the same.

    1. I've got the Simon and Schuster Pocket Guide to French Regional Wines by Roger Voss, but I've found the large French section of Hugh Johnson's pocket guide more useful.

      1. Do not know of one, but there has got to be one, or many. BTW, is that David Lynch of "Twin Peaks" fame? Can't be...


        1. Robert Parker's Wine Advocate prints a pocket guide every 6 months. When I'm traveling to a particular wine region, I usually scan the appropriate section of the Wine Advocate and load the .pdf files on my PDA.